Jan 28 2011

Remembering Challenger

Twenty-five years ago today, the Spaceshuttle Challenger exploded upon take-off as thousands watched. Those of us who saw the tragedy on the news will never forget where we were on that day. Where were you? Feel free to share your thoughts here. CNN did a beautiful job of paying tribute:

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1/28/2011 4:21:01 PM
magon United States
i was only 5 andliving in south america when this happened...this is the first time i have watched what happend...i broke down in tears... a friend of myn personally knew one of the woman on board and she remembers like it was yesterday ...i knew it was a horrific event before seeing it but now it just blows my mind. and im tearing right now .....i pray for them and there family today ..
1/28/2011 4:25:07 PM
Rich Wymore United States
Rich Wymore
Regarding the Challenger disaster... I was at work in a large, noisy, machine and welding shop.  My wife called me and gave me the news.  I got on the loudspeaker/paging system and made an announcement about it.  I remember the normally very noisy shop suddenly became quiet enough to hear a pin drop... as each of our 30+ employees allowed the news to sink in...  We will never forget...
1/28/2011 4:31:52 PM
Steve Yurkovic United States
Steve Yurkovic
I remember the moment, hearing of the Challenger disaster. I remember thinking, that just maybe for the believers, in that instant of time before the explosion, that Jesus stood before them, with a motioning gesture to come, taking their spirits with HIM to safety.
1/28/2011 4:33:23 PM
Lawrence Powell United States
Lawrence Powell
Thank you for playing that audio. I was in 6th grade 25 years ago, and wanted to be an astronaut at that age ( I still do, but will not get the chance!). Anyway, we were switching classes when the Challenger blew. When we got to our class, the teacher (also our science teacher) was crying. Once we all got in the room and settled, he turned on the TV in the room, and that's when we first saw something blow up. On the screen below the video was the caption "Challenger blows up". Those of us who understood what this meant could not believe what we were seeing. We were only in 6th grade, but we somehow knew that man's exploration into space had been slowed. The funny thing is,I was telling this story to my wife and I was crying.
1/28/2011 4:40:32 PM
Mary King United States
Mary King
We had just moved to Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska the day it happened. I had a VHS tape in the recorder, and was lying on the floor in front of the TV, recording the launch when it suddenly exploded. I just remember being in total shock at what I had just seen. I think I was home alone when it happened, as my husband was probably at work. It was a very sad week, there on the Air Force Base.
1/28/2011 4:43:36 PM
Karen United States
Today is my birthday.  And 25 years ago today I was in the fifth grade, excited for my birthday and also excited to watch a school teacher enter space for the first time.  Our whole language arts class was seated around the television.  When the explosion happened, I think we really didn't understand at first.  Then the tragic reality became reality in our minds.  I can remember the sick feeling, the sadness, the unbelief, almost, of such an event. I can remember feeling a similar way on 9/11.  Sadly, every year on my birthday I am reminded of this tragedy.  Yet, every year on my birthday the bittersweetness of life causes me to give such glory to God for each and every day, each and every blessing.  He is good!
1/28/2011 4:44:21 PM
sonya United States
I was three month pregnant with my daughter Elyse and I had the worse morning sickness in the world; morning, afternoon and eveninga and I was eating a Welch's grape juice bar after coming home from classes at Santa Monica College and was immediately relieved of my morning sickness because my concern was now for those astronauts and their families. I was stunned and pinned to the televison.  Every anniversary I tell my kids the same story about how I forgot I was pregnant and in agony because others were suffering greater than I was at that moment in time.
1/28/2011 4:51:48 PM
Elaine Chacon United States
Elaine Chacon
I was in fourth grade.  The day before our teacher told us she wasn't going to be there and we were going to have a sub but it was going to be a fun day because we were going to watch the launch.  First teacher on it we were going to cheer her on. We came in after lunch and were watching it on tv and we all did the count down and I remember our sub smiling and everyone in the class cheering and being happy and then our sub said OH my OH MY and started crying and ran out of our room.... We didn't know what happened and we thought something was wrong with her but we saw her running into the office and our principal came into our room turned off the tv and told us that there was something wrong and we would need to talk to our parents.
They were all very brave and they went doing what they wanted to experience.  They might not have been able to experience it and come and tell us about their adventure but I am sure they are exploring the solar system from a great teacher, Our LORD and Savior.  God Bless them and NASA our space teams.  
1/28/2011 5:02:44 PM
Daniel Romania
i cant tell you nothing about what happened in that day cause i wasn't, but every time when something bad its happening, and it doesn't matter where, when you watch tv and you hear some think like that, actually  was watching tv when the braking news about 9/11 was happening, you just wanna know how many people were killed, and you fill like its happening something to you, we are human, we are Gods crown and i think the fact that we care about one and other is because we were made for so much more, we were made to live in unity and in compassion, in joy forever to God!... im sorry for USA, it was a big mistake... may God bless the families affected after this...
1/28/2011 5:03:34 PM
Jenny McFarlane United States
Jenny McFarlane
I was a freshman at college when the Challenger tragedy occurred, and I had a roommate from Florida who had a close friend who witnessed the explosion and called on the dorm phone to let us know what happened. Now my husband and I find ourselves connected in a positive way to this event--we are working to bring a Challenger Learning Center to Northern Nevada. The Challenger Learning Centers were started by family members of the fallen astronauts, who wanted to do something to honor their loved ones and keep their vision alive. Grace Corrigan, the mother of "teacher in space" Christa McAuliffe, visited us when we began the process to bring this worthwhile educational organization to the Reno area, and we endeavor to educate children of all ages to get excited about space and to "reach for the stars!"
1/28/2011 5:15:54 PM
Leslie United States
I remember the day as if it were yesterday...it would be hard not too. I lived in Seabrook,tx in a neighborhood full of Astronauts. My neighbors were Ron McNair , his wife and 2 kids.It hit our neighborhood hard to lose such a wonderful man and to try to help his family after this tragic event.I was in 3rd grade and as it was so personal for us with lots of astronaut kids in our school we always watched the lift off. That day was a sad day in our school. Most of the astronaut kids went home and we all felt for the McNair kids.My dad was the Chief of Security at NASA in Clear lake when this occured and he was asked to help with the packing and removal of Christie's belongings. It was a hard time for our friends and family.  I have been praying and thinking about them all today...
1/28/2011 5:28:00 PM
Trisia Benavides United States
Trisia Benavides
I only heard the last of what was said. But I heard her say something about putting a burger into a blender. And she thought that was gross. I wanted to let her know that my little sister was dignosed with MS when she was 13 she passed away at 26 my parents wanted to make sure she got to eat what all kids enjoyed so after she lost all her teeth and couldnt talk or woalk my parents would go 30 miles to the nearest mcdonalds and pizza hut and bring her home what she wanted and purify it in a blender and freeze it so it was handy to eat at meal times.
1/28/2011 5:57:42 PM
Monique Voigt United States
Monique Voigt
I remember like it was yesterday, I was 8 years old, in school. I remember they announced it on the loud speaker and all the teachers were crying. At the time I really couldn't comprehend what had just happened. There was a moment of silence and deep sadness in the air. 25 years later I clearly understand and my heart goes out to the families and I pray to God that he would Heal them from thier pain.
1/29/2011 8:36:24 PM
Linzi United States
Hey Kelli,
I started listening to KLOVE about 3 months ago because my friend told me about it. I LOVE it and I was listening on jan 12th and you were talking about how you went to Haiti. Well I am a missionary in haiti and was in Ouanaminthe the same time you were there. I have been going to Ouanaminthe for 3 years and spent my Christmas there. I even flew out of Puerto Plata like you did. I would love to see you pictures. Where can I find them? Thanks and I am so glad you were able to go and see the LOVE of that country and all that God is doing there. I would love to hear more about your trip. Thank you.
1/30/2011 3:38:18 AM
Judi United States
I would have been 14 and in the 9 th grade.  I remember like it was yesterday the school had made it possible for us to gather in our classe and watch history be made.  We watched them wave good bye with pride and excitement and happy faces.

Then the launch started and they were just gone. What I distictly remember is the little trail of smoke falling back to earth.It was for ever etched in my mind. thanks K-love for remembering them.
Watchig the clip from CNN seeing the loved ones and well wishers faces. Hearing President Reagan say how they left early and touched the face of God.  Brings to mind what the none beleivers will be standing and saying when Jesus returns for his church.
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