Jan 31 2011

Spork...yes or no?!

Many restaurants are doing away with a traditional utencil...the spoon. Do you use a spoon? What about a "Spork?!" Do you like the fork/spoon combination or find it useless?
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1/31/2011 3:14:22 PM
Ray Hendrey United States
Ray Hendrey
Yes, it is the perfect two-in-one utensil.  Especially when camping.
1/31/2011 3:14:45 PM
Antonio United States
Spork! Definitely!
1/31/2011 3:15:42 PM
Nick Meachum United States
Nick Meachum
Sporks rule because you don't have to worry about forgetting spork/fork if you have it now they need to add some kind of knife to it then it will be complete Laughing
1/31/2011 3:16:08 PM
Nichole United States
No spork needed besides they are on the evil side in veggietales. I say we just need spoons because I go to Embry-Riddle and we all end up using just spoons to eat all our food with and sometimes we use a fork. Spoons are multipurpose!
1/31/2011 3:17:14 PM
Jeff United States
A spoon is the best utensil to have it does it all...my dad always said to carry a spoon where in the military or camping...
1/31/2011 3:17:14 PM
David Wright United States
David Wright
Aah. To Spork or not to Spork. That is the question whether to to civilized of not to be civilized. I say, LONG LIVE THE SPORK! Now all the have to do is to sharpen one side of the spork and we won't even need knives.
1/31/2011 3:17:20 PM
Maddie United States
I like the idea of a spork!!!!!!!!!
1/31/2011 3:17:23 PM
Joel United States
Sporks scare me.  It's a spoon with teeth.  I don't like anything that lets me food bite me back.
1/31/2011 3:17:27 PM
Anna Gregory United States
Anna Gregory
I only like sporks because I can make batman out of them
1/31/2011 3:17:30 PM
TANYA United States
if you've ever backpacked or been camping you would know that sporks are the go to utensil!
1/31/2011 3:17:37 PM
Beth United States
Don't get me wrong . . . I love sporks.  I think they are really useful, especially for traveling, picnicking or outdoor adventures, like backpacking. However, I don't think they belong as a fixture on a table setting.  All I can think of is fast-food
1/31/2011 3:17:45 PM
David Wright United States
David Wright
Aah. To Spork or not to Spork. That is the question whether to to civilized of not to be civilized. I say, LONG LIVE THE SPORK! Now all the have to do is to sharpen one side of the spork and we won't even need knives.
1/31/2011 3:17:48 PM
Linda Wright United States
Linda Wright
Absolutley NOT!!  All they are good for is jabbing yourself in the side of the mouth.  The soup runs off and the tines are too short to "fork" anything.
1/31/2011 3:18:11 PM
Kevin Hanson United States
Kevin Hanson
Spork, Schmork.

Long live the Fpoon!
1/31/2011 3:18:52 PM
candace United States

these are way better. and eco friendly. i really hate sporks myself. never liked them!
1/31/2011 3:19:14 PM
Marvin Douglas United States
Marvin Douglas
1/31/2011 3:19:36 PM
Laura United States
I think the spork has it's place but I personally don't like them.  The tines are never long enough for me. The other day I was at Olive Garden and we had two forks and a knife on the table, but no spoon, but a spoon came with my plate of spaghetti.
1/31/2011 3:20:08 PM
Dave United States
Spork! Sporks are awesome!!!!! Laughing
1/31/2011 3:20:23 PM
Jessica United States
SPORK ALL THE WAY!!! I also like to call them foons. Smile
1/31/2011 3:20:40 PM
Estrella United States
I absolutely hated sporks as a kid in school. You can't really stab anything with them cus the tines are too short. Then when you go to eat soup or something, most of it runs out from between the tines. Down with sporks!
1/31/2011 3:21:37 PM
beth United States
Spork??? NOT the tines are to short to spear anything and the bowl is to small to dip soup. This is one invention that made money for someone that is a true blue thumbs down.
1/31/2011 3:21:47 PM
micah seaton United States
micah seaton
sporks are the best invention ever, even better than the shamwow lol sporks make eating fun especially when eating mashed potatoes
1/31/2011 3:22:03 PM
Alex United States
Spork = best eating utensil ever created by man!
1/31/2011 3:22:32 PM
As a displaced Brit I have to tell you I am always bemused by the obvious limited availablilty of metal when it comes to cutlery(known as 'silverware' altho there is no silver in it!!.
Please tell me why can you only have 1 utensil at a time??? a fork or a knife..... or a spoon or a spork!!!!
I am sorry, but any civilized country will tell you that each of them has a separate use and is a definite necessity !
Sporks are perfect for pies, cakes, chasing peas around your plate!!!

But... Please you can't be serious..... NOT plastic!!! ugh We all must have some sort of standard! ;-p

Love the music today thank you !! I am all alone in the office.... it's great to have you as company!!
1/31/2011 3:22:53 PM
Josh United States
Sporks have there place in the eating world for sure.  Would I use it at every meal...probably not.  Like a slad for instance, not really a good idea for a spork.  But.....I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE WEBSITE FOR THE SPORK T-SHIRT!!!!!!!
1/31/2011 3:22:55 PM
Catherine United States
LOVE THE SPORK and think it should be made mandatory for ALL restaurants. My daughter knows what you're talking about even though it is me that remembers LOVING Taco Bell trips growing - I'm not sure if it was Taco Bell or the spork that I... loved more Laughing My daughter says, why didn't they call it a foon? Haha In all seriousness, I can see where the spork could be a very good tool for schools, restaurants, etc. since they are clearly incapable of giving spoons - seems like even for a cup of ice cream you have to ask?!?! I don't understand, but whether a spork or FOON (haha) I'm on board!!
1/31/2011 3:24:13 PM
Melissa Bailey United States
Melissa Bailey
No spork. I have to use them at school and they are no good. When we have soup or gumbo nothing stay in. When something like pastalaya is surved you can't twirl,so it takes to twice as long to eat. Stabing doesn't work either. I say keep them seperate. No sporl!
1/31/2011 3:24:16 PM
Becca United States
I don't like the spork idea. It is on the evil side in VeggieTales and even though they are helpful during camping and in the fast food business, I can't stand eating with them. The only thing you can do is scoop food with them. If the food doesn't fit in the spoon section, it doesn't get picked up. They are the cheapest utensil anyone could have come up with...just in my opinion! Love the show!!!
1/31/2011 3:24:19 PM
Ed Caffrey United States
Ed Caffrey
The "spork" is pretty much useless.  Here's a bit of it's history:
the spork was invented not in the '60s, but in the 40's. when the us army occupied japan after the war, gen mcarthur (who wanted truman to enthrone him as emperor of japan) decreed that the use of chopsticks was uncivilized, and the conquered foe should use forks and spoons like the rest of the 'civilized' world. but fearing that the japs might rise up and retake their country with their forks, he and the us army invented the 'spork,' which was then introduced into the public schools. the army, which had taken over all government enterprises and the schools, enforced the use of the 'spork,' and made the use of chopsticks in the schools a punishable offense. this is a bit of spork history that's absolutely true, but not very funny.
The "spork" has been widely adopted in prisons because it is difficult to make a weapon from one.

  As a custom knifemaker, I have reproduced many historical types of cutlery, and am well versed in the various using aspects of most cutlery. Although a novel idea, the "spork" is neither a spoon or a fork....and it performs neither the function of a spoon or a fork very effectively.

Be Blessed!

  Ed Caffrey
1/31/2011 3:24:24 PM
Cali United States
Hey Guys! I heard you talking about the "spork" and had to buzz in: I think I have to go with Kelli on this one Smile The spork in my opion is not a bad invetion just doesn't work well for me when trying to use it as a spoon. Then when I use it as a fork it...well lets just say it doesn't go well!!! I don't think it should die out, and thats just because of BIG fans like Scott!!! But a web-site REALLY?!?!  
1/31/2011 3:24:57 PM
Bryan United States
Get rid of the forks and spoons and make them all sporks.
1/31/2011 3:26:09 PM
courtny United States
Hi I am twelve years old and i think that its pretty hard to eat with a spork. So No I think its a bad idea.
1/31/2011 3:26:11 PM
Moriah United States
No,No,No! there soooo rediculous. i mean they surve no point like you stick with a spoon or fork and your good you don't need to go all crazy and use a spork! They aren't evan like a fork! and goddness it's plastic! just stick with the original.
1/31/2011 3:26:39 PM
Joy United States
sporks, are u kidding!!! my school has them!! i LOVE them!! lol YES YES YES!!!!!
1/31/2011 3:28:30 PM
hannah United States
i really don't like sporks and whats a fpoon? i imangin it and i looks painful
1/31/2011 3:30:19 PM
hannah United States
and why a website about sporks?! why not pocket knifes?
1/31/2011 3:32:44 PM
Amanda United States
I don't like sporks. They need to bring back the spoons.
1/31/2011 3:36:25 PM
stephanie United States
NO! I definately agree with Kelli on this one. Sporks are no use at all! try using the spoon part for a liquid, and it all falls thru. try using the fork part, and the spork breaks. if i were to reinvent the spork, i would take a spoon and make the pointy things go out NOT in! that way you can still eat soup or something. but until that day, i say "no way!" to sporks!
1/31/2011 3:38:41 PM
Patrick Berg United States
Patrick Berg
Sporks are the most useful of the main eating utensils.  They server two purposes, the part of fork and part of spoon.

PS, when used as a spoon tip the spork back towards handle to keep liquid from running out through the fork portion.
1/31/2011 3:40:02 PM
Erikka United States
I just used a spork today!!! It worked really well for my salad and then my yogurt that I brought for lunch. Who needs two utensils when you have a SPORK?!
1/31/2011 3:40:27 PM
Liz United States
I love sporks!!! It's a fork, it's a spoon, IT IS FUN AND MAKES ME LAUGH.  Smile
1/31/2011 3:40:48 PM
Elizabeth United States
No cant stand the spork, when I go to places I bring my own spoon. you can't scrape out all the potatoes with the spork. needs to be in the record book of worlds worst inventions.

(ps I'm posting in the M.A.D. comments hope that makes a difference.)
1/31/2011 3:41:02 PM
Brenda Lee United States
Brenda Lee
SPORKS ROCK for food fights.  One can lauch numerous peas and kernels of corn at once; the ones hanging on to the "ork" part really launch well.  After dinner, who needs a toothpick?  AND, you can get around the gum line of 3-4 teeth at once.  Sporks are the ultimate untensil...I'll even wash and recycle.  God Bless!
1/31/2011 3:41:24 PM
Casi United States
the problem with sporks and using them as spoons is that you never know if you should stick the fork-end streight in your mouth, or go at it at the side, hoping it wont spill out of your mouth! eating is complecated enough!
1/31/2011 3:42:45 PM
rebeacca United States
I'm 14 years old and at school our lunches only have sporks and I can never get my fruit from my fruit cup on that thing, but god bless you Scott, you must be a pro at using it! Smile
1/31/2011 3:43:35 PM
Rob Shields United States
Rob Shields
GENIUS!  I was at Eddie Bauer last week shopping for a pair of khaki pants and at the check-out counter they had a 3-in-1 eating utensil.  It was your standard spork with a serrated edge on the edge of the spoon, enabling someone to cut the meat in their chicken noodle soup, stab the chicken with the fork to pick it, then use the spoon to slurp up the broth.  Why am I not this brilliant?
1/31/2011 3:43:37 PM
Kayti United States
I think sporks were a terrible idea! The fork part isn't long enough to pick up anything and the spoon part is way too shallow and soup will run through the fork part.
1/31/2011 3:44:59 PM
Wendy United States
I manage a school cafeteria and we have had sporks for the students for years. They eliminate the need for two utensils which reduces the cost alot! They aren't the best, I've even cut my lip trying to get food off, but the students haven't complained and they reduce costs for the lunch program.
1/31/2011 3:45:31 PM
Valeire United States
I love the sporks I even have a metal one at home and that is all I use.
1/31/2011 3:48:52 PM
Jared United States
The spork is amazing...comes in handy and cuts down on the dishes
1/31/2011 3:49:23 PM
Karen Werner United States
Karen Werner
"NO SPORKS".... or should I say, "SPOOFS".  I agree whole heartedly with Kelly, and the spork is neither a fork or a spoon.  It doesn't do either job sufficiently enough. (Just as we cannot serve two masters, a spork cannot try to be both, fork and spoon! Smile LOL)
1/31/2011 3:50:11 PM
Marie United States
Sporks are great and the safe way to eat. If you are one of the 600 inmates housed at our jail thats the only thing you get to eat your meal.
1/31/2011 3:52:00 PM
Walter Johnson United States
Walter Johnson
bury them before they multiply ... think about it ... unisex  Smile
1/31/2011 3:52:36 PM
Nicole United States
The Spork is awesome! definitely better than the spoon and forkSmile plus after you use it, you only have one utensil to wash one!
1/31/2011 3:58:04 PM
Marc United States
1/31/2011 4:01:10 PM
Tom United States
Hi Scott and Kelly,
Yes for the Spork. I use one everyday for work as I bring my lunch and eat my desk. The spork I use has a full spoon on one end and a fork on the end with one side of the fork having a serated edge for cutting. I have had many positive comments about this spork version and also asked where to get them. I got mine in a organization store like Storables, Container Store... Long live the Spork. Thanks for a great topic of discussion. Tom
1/31/2011 4:04:10 PM
Jonathan Woodring United States
Jonathan Woodring
My brother-in-law would "spork" a friend's car after obtaining one from a Taco Bell or KFC. It was a fun game where you just placed a spork somewhere on your friend's car, like under windshield wipers or in the mirrors. You can't play a game like that with a spoon or fork... only a spork!
1/31/2011 4:13:26 PM
Jaime United States
I am with Scott....I definitely think of Kentucky Fried Chicken (I'm from Kentucky) when it comes to the "spork"!  YAY SPORK!!!!!
1/31/2011 4:17:52 PM
Fred Miller United States
Fred Miller
To be the perfect utensil, as Scott claims, the combination piece must be able to perform completely the functions of both original pieces.  In this case, the fork and the spoon.

After extensive testing in my laboratory (read: kitchen), I find that the spork functions only adequately as a fork and then fails miserably as a spoon. (It took 1.4 hours to eat a bowl of soup.)

As further evidence of its failure to gain acceptance as a common untensil, one need only look at Wal-Mart or Target and notice it's absence from among the stainless steel utensils.  That's right, Scott, you'll never find a metal spork for sale anywhere.

Kelli wins.
1/31/2011 4:30:23 PM
Jeanne United States
No, just today I was given a sample of tomatoe/basil soup at a store and given a spork to eat the soup with. It was quite a challenge to get much soup in that little bowl.
1/31/2011 4:32:15 PM
Taylor Kane United States
Taylor Kane
yes to sporks
1/31/2011 4:33:11 PM
Sue May United States
Sue May
I totally agree with Kelly...the spork is absolutely useless.
1/31/2011 4:39:21 PM
Donnajean United States
Sporks useless and poke you
1/31/2011 4:42:03 PM
Jean United States
The spork is annoying. You use it as a spoon and you get poked like a fork, use it like a fork and you get kid bites. LOL!!!!!  Come on now
Im all for real SPOONS......
1/31/2011 4:43:43 PM
Amber Tillett United States
Amber Tillett
1.Babies in a resturant learning how to eat can really hurt themselves.
2.You wouln't be able to eat cereal with it; Because you would loose all the milk.
3.They break to easy.
1/31/2011 4:43:53 PM
Doug Gee United States
Doug Gee
The recent caller said that Kelli, "didn't know what she was missing."  Well, I know that every time I have used a spork when at a restaurant, I can never get all of the food that is in the bowl with a spork, whereas with a spoon I could.  So I know what I am missing...it's part of my dinner! lol!
1/31/2011 4:44:09 PM
georgea United States
Spork is of great use for "mexican Pizzas" at tacobell! They cut the crust and grab the ground beef.
1/31/2011 4:44:35 PM
sarah hines United States
sarah hines
I have using sporks because they don't work as a spoon or a fork. this drives me nuts because they have them at my school and they always brake half way through the meal. The forkish part always brakes so you end up eating the plastic.
1/31/2011 4:45:01 PM
Donna Honebein United States
Donna Honebein
I'm with Kelli...I don't think it does either job well.  I'd like to see a video of Scott eating a T-bone steak with one Smile
1/31/2011 4:45:03 PM
Lesa Grose United States
Lesa Grose
Spork-definitely. It saves the planet by less trash. How many times have you gone to a restaraunt and taken all of the utensils only to use one? Great for the prison system too bc they can't make a weapon or a tattoo gun from a spork. Less weight to carry in your backpack for the service troops. They do make a metal one for the troops that makes it easy to eat their food-I still have one.
1/31/2011 4:48:02 PM
Catherine Schneider United States
Catherine Schneider
You two crack me up, I love listening to you guys....but to the subject at hand......I loved to spoon with my husband in bed, but when I don't shave my legs it is considered sporking....... lol..........ya know when the hair's are not long enough to be soft but have those sharp little edges just like a spork does...not enough to do actually spear flesh (or lettuce) but enough to notice the difference.  Keep up the great job.....oh Kelli.....SPIKE HEELS ALL THE WAY!!!
1/31/2011 4:48:10 PM
Ryan Ritchie United States
Ryan Ritchie
Kelly we need sporks they are so much fun to eat with also instead of using a spoon and fork it saves on dishes...
1/31/2011 4:53:24 PM
Lily Brunner United States
Lily Brunner
I'd rather have a spoon ! lol
1/31/2011 4:56:02 PM
Michael Burnett United States
Michael Burnett
Sporks rule, Sporifes are even better (spoon, fork and knife)
1/31/2011 5:01:40 PM
Morgan United States
Sporks are awesome! I love them! But what I've always wondered is why aren't they called "foons"? Smile
1/31/2011 5:02:01 PM
katiem.l United States
put a sharp end on it and it can be a knispork!!! Smile there would be no need for a knive sppon or fork!
1/31/2011 5:39:36 PM
jasmyne casey United States
jasmyne casey
well, im 15 yrs. old, and I still would never wera super high heels. OUCH!
1/31/2011 6:33:29 PM
m j United States
m j
I just have to tell you--many years ago, when I worked at a convenience store/deli, we used sporks.  One week our supply order contained a substitution--they were out of sporks and the sub was (I swear this is TRUE) FROONS !!! Honestly--froons!!
1/31/2011 7:14:45 PM
Christina United States
I think Sporks are great! Very handy! My husband and I also love Knorks! It's a knife/fork combo...we just ordered our first set and they are great!!
1/31/2011 10:15:32 PM
Kelly United States
It is so funny that this topic has came up.  I work at a Skating Rink and we use sporks for our Birthday Parties.  It serves an awesome purpose to eat cake and ice cream at one time. Great invention!!
2/1/2011 5:29:39 AM
Randy United States
Since I don't see it up yet, I give you...

The Titanium Spork!

I think I could get into major spork usage if I got one of these. It looks way better than the cheap plastic ones. Though still, it leaves a little bit to be desired on the spoon end of things...
2/1/2011 6:22:38 AM
Janet United States
LOVE the spork.  My son did a report/speech on the spork for school.  It was fabulous!
2/1/2011 6:49:39 AM
rebekah United States
the spork is ok they have them at school and they can be heard to eat with when u need the fork for samething and then the spoon but i would say that it is yes
2/1/2011 8:19:36 AM
janella United States
sporks are great!  Wendy's still carries them.  handy for the bits that fall thru regular fork.  Also make for an interesting variation on the game "spoons".  additional rules... if the spork is jabbed into your hand or wrist it is your spoon.  if you only have the handle and spork is in another's position you lose.  came from experience after playing with friends.  The Mom would not let us use real spoons because we were gouging the table Smile  
2/1/2011 9:28:02 AM
Barbara United States
Sporks scare me, when I was a teenager I thought woww this is great..eating Beans from taco bell and BOOM i stabbed my mouth. So now I stay clear of them 25 years later.
2/1/2011 9:46:14 AM
karen United States
NO, NO, NO to the spork. It is a useless item, especially in the plastic form!
2/1/2011 1:11:42 PM
Cierra Kohlman United States
Cierra Kohlman
I vote yes for sporks!!!!!!!!! Sporks RULE!!!
2/1/2011 2:28:41 PM
Hannah Joyce United States
Hannah Joyce
I love sporks!!(: EPICNESS!^^
2/1/2011 8:10:58 PM
Katie United States
I say no to sporks. They don't function well as a spoon OR a fork, and they are flimsy! How many times have you almost snapped your spork in half by putting pressure on it? If your spork breaks, I guess you have to use your hands! No sporks, no problems!!! Smile
2/2/2011 4:41:41 PM
Charles Bender United States
Charles Bender
Just had to mention to Kelly: she could not see the point to the spork but if you look closely there are 4 points actually on the spork. He he he!!! Really though have you ever considered the higher end restaurants and their threeks. You know the fork with only three tines - the threek. Just something the think about.

Thanks for the great music and fun topics to lighten our days and give us something to laugh about. You guys are great. God bless you today!!
2/5/2011 8:08:16 AM
Joan McCormick United States
Joan McCormick
Yes; the spork is especially good for kids when they are having a birthday party. I would love to see it as a utensil in restuarants.
2/15/2011 4:27:37 AM
J T Heagy United States
J T Heagy
Sporks are awesome!! Do a Google search and see all that comes up. They are better than a Swiss Army Knife. This used to be a real fun time for my son & I when we would get one somewhere, joking about the uses for them. He later got a T-shirt about the spork, something along the lines of making it the National Tool of this country. Think about this, If you were stranded on a desert island, other than the Bible, you would want a SPORK!! They rule!!
2/27/2011 9:25:03 AM
Cherry United States
We have them at school. I don't know about these things. Im still a little weary. It is hard, i guess, to use the spoon because it always ends up forking it!!!!!!!
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