Mar 04 2011

Dani Johnson...Secret Millionaire

Our guest today is Dani Johnson, who will be featured on the new ABC show "Secret Millionaire" on Sunday night. She has an incredible story of going from extreme poverty to having millions in just a few years. God challenged her to give most of her wealth away to help people in need and she is now a multi-millionaire who gives away more than she keeps! Learn more about Dani here:

Check out "ABC's Secret Millionaires" here:

If you missed our inspiring interview with Dani, you can listen by clicking each segment below.

Segment 1, Segment 2, and Segment 3

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3/4/2011 2:31:44 PM
Tia United States
WOW what a ministry moment from Dani! She is so on target. Today's kids have a sense of false entitlement. We all need to match our prayers with results driven action!!
3/4/2011 2:54:24 PM
Adam United States
I'm all for giving to the poor but her pushing and accusion is too much for me.  She needs to go back over her study's and remember thou shall not judge others...  
3/4/2011 2:58:32 PM
Vetta United States
She is RIGHT ON!  It will only offend those who resist God's Word!!!  She is only bringing the Word of God to where we are today.  Like they resisted His message, they will resist her message.  I loved it!!!  Thanks Dani :o) And thank you Jesus for someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth.
3/4/2011 4:19:40 PM
Claudia Dominguez United States
Claudia Dominguez
Wow. This is exactly who I want to be. It was so encouraging listening to Dani on KLOVE today. People think my dreams of opening up a soup kithcen, an orphanage, and a free youth organization is too big of a dream, but God's dreams are bigger than mine. Thank God for those like Dani and her husband who do the things we are all called to do. May God keep blessing that family.
3/4/2011 10:57:59 PM
Aggie Stasko United States
Aggie Stasko
Wow, that was a great interview! I went to Dani Johnson's live training a year ago. Prior to coming to First Steps to Success I was drowning in debt, I was stressed out, overworked and didn't really have a clear direction in life. After plugging in to Dani Johnson's training, I doubled my income in 2 months, paid off $26,000 of debt in 5 months. I cut my work hours down to 30 hours a week and I have never been happier in my life. Dani has totally changed my life! She is really helping people to reach their dreams and empowers us to reach out and changed lives!!! If God has put in your heart to do something great for Him - you have got to get yourself to First Steps to Success - you will learn how to really make an impact with your life!
3/5/2011 4:58:28 AM
Latasha Barnett United States
Latasha Barnett
Praise God I must admitt I was inspired by Dani Johnson's testimony she wasn't afraid to do something she never did before she just ventured into the deep and it was a success like the word of God says Isaiah 1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land; I believe Dani's obedience to God is a perfect example of that scripture.God will bless us if we are obedient don't allow fear to hidder your blessings.Amen.
3/7/2011 6:05:33 AM
Sandra Brickey United States
Sandra Brickey
I wanted to thank you guys for highlighting Dani Johnson last week on your show. I would probably never watched the Secret Millionaire show had I not heard about it on your show. Thanks to DVR I got to see the entire show.  How wonderful it was to see someone with so much to make a difference.  This is a great example of the "parable of the talents". I believe GOD expects us to give as we are GIVEN!  Thanks again for the heads up on this show and Dani!

3/7/2011 9:08:41 AM
Paula Bowers United States
Paula Bowers
I have to be honest, I think it is a little haphazard of K-Love to be promoting someone as controversial as Dani Johnson. The speculation surrounding her business ethics and her motivation is overwhelming and I think it is dangerous for K-Love to be affiliating itself with her name. I love K-Love so much. Only station we listen to and we contribute financially to you all. While I am sure Dani Johnson is a nice person and very possibly a wonderful Christian woman, the negative publicity she is receiving is not going to reflect positively on k-love. The fact that she has made hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing the Secret Millionare and has taken over search engines on the internet are a little controversial. I just want K-Love to be careful. Your message is too positive and wonderful to have your credibility damaged by such an affiliation.
3/7/2011 10:02:04 AM
Doubting Thomas United States
Doubting Thomas
I saw the show last night, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I thought from the interview that Dani has shed all the worldly things and yet when she was ready to reveal herself, the 'redressing' to the nines was just too much for me.  I am more than happy to give her kudos for the good she is doing - and she is right that we all should live up to the Bible with giving to the poor.  Guess I just anticipated less "rich girl" attitude.
3/7/2011 10:42:05 AM
Tia United States
I don't know a lot about Dani and I don't watch the show, but I find it interesting how easily some folks attack a woman who makes money. What if Dani were Danny? You don't know how much time, talent and money she gives to good causes. A phrase is coming to mind..."Judge not...."
3/7/2011 6:16:19 PM
Curtis Hodges United States
Curtis Hodges
Thank you guys so much for mentioning "Secret Millionaire" on the air, for I had never heard of it. The show was so touching, seeing someone who had became wealthy, but not forgetting her roots. (I must admit that I am a 52 year old male, but I caught myself wiping tears on several occasions).  I would also like to thank you two for the copassion you guys show the world by constantly demonstating, by words and examples, your love for Christ.
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