Aug 19 2011

Weekend Camping Trip

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Here are some funny camping stories...

Snake bites man in car after yard sale puchase. K-LOVE News Page Top Stories

Morton's Steakhouse answers Tweet. The Consumerist

North Carolina man aims to skydive without use of legs. USA Today

No more king at Burger King. K-LOVE News Page Your Life

Woman calls police over missing remote control. K-LOVE News Page Top Stories

10 gadgets you won't believe exist. MSNBC


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8/19/2011 4:11:22 PM
Steve Sherwood Sr United States
Steve Sherwood Sr
IN 1993 I passed out at work. When I came to the world spun and I was tormented by severe muscle spasms for the next several months. After two months of tests with no answers the doctor said, "Steve, I'm looking for a brain tumor next."
That night as my wife and two small children were getting ready to go to mid week Bible study I lay on the couch and cried, "Oh God, I don't want to die."
In my spirit I heard Him answer back, "Why not?"
I asked, "Who will care for my children and my wife?"
Again in my spirit I heard, "Well who has taken care of them the last two months? Not you. You've been stuck on this couch."
I rolled from the couch and crawled over to where my family was at the front door. On my knees, I put my arms around both kids and my dear wife and prayed, "Father, they are Yours. If you want me take me."
18 years, two adopted girls and 10 grandchildren later He still has me kicking and has repeatedly amazed me how He cares for all of us.

Love in Christ,
8/21/2011 9:38:56 AM
jessica United States
Thats really amazing!God can do anything,All you have to do is pray,he will answer anything and help you.
8/21/2011 6:08:32 PM
Cole billiot United States
 Cole billiot
It's true God changes lives he has been the main focus of my life.All I can say is God's word is true effective and can give anyone a chance of  eternal happiness
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