Sep 22 2011

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9/23/2011 8:37:44 AM
Lauren United States
WOW. Simon REALLY shocked me, but in a good way. This might beat American Idol. I THINK I might like it better.
9/23/2011 12:46:03 PM
Samantha United States
Scott and Kelli,
I just had to tell you, I have been hearing the story of the young man who carried his opponent in a cross country meet after an injury. I was so moved by this story only to hear that it happened very close to home for me!! I think I remember you guys mentioning you didnt know where he was from, and I wanted you to know it happened in Minnesota!! What an inspiring young man! I hope this moves as many people as it did to me. Anyway, I just wanted you to know!

God Bless!
9/23/2011 1:04:48 PM
Nessa United States
I cried during both auditions. It's funny how someone can find hope within and pull themselves by the bootstraps without even knowing it. I pray they understand what is being given them and they can make the best of it.
9/27/2011 1:20:21 PM
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