Sep 23 2011

A Little Weird

What have you seen that is just a little weird?  Like...

Mom puts Missoni for Target boots on eBay for $31K. TODAY

Other stories from today:

Trash bag puppy nursed back to health. TODAY

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9/23/2011 2:27:25 PM
Rachel United States
Driving past someone in a car that has his windshield wipers going full blast and him gripping the steering wheel and bent forward slightly like it's hard for him to see...when its BARELY that's weird
9/23/2011 2:30:45 PM
Deborah United States
sign posted at ATM drive up offering audio assistance to the visually impaired . . .   If they can see well enough to drive, they shouldn't need the audio assist, right?
9/23/2011 4:15:14 PM
Ashley United States
That's like drive up post office drop offs with braille....just a little weird.
9/25/2011 11:51:25 AM
bethany United States
The thing I think is weird that is absolutely ridiculous is jeans at the store with pre-made holes.  They annoy me.  Why can't they make the holes themselves!  Its easy!
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