Oct 28 2011

Artist Interview

Special guest today is Chris Tomlin.

New baby


"How Great Is Our God" (World Edition)

New Album

Full interview here.


How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection  

Thrilled to announce the upcoming release of How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection on November 15th. It will include a collection of music from the past decade, including a new recording of the song, How Great Is Our God, that you won't want to miss! Can't wait for you to hear it.

Switchfoot Contest Winner

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10/28/2011 2:32:03 PM
alice ware United States
alice ware
we were at the chris tomlin show in corpus christi.
what an amazing worship experience.  as we were waiting to go in, a young man told us he was saved because of chris's music.  he was in prison and listened to his music.  the boy was saved and giving testimony to anyone that he came near.  he was praising God all during the program.  his mother told him if he trusted Jesus, He would open
doors for him.  he was supposed to be in jail for 6 years and they came in and told him to go home after 2 years.  klove is a super ministry that i
am happy to support.  thanks
10/28/2011 2:32:52 PM
caryn buege United States
caryn buege
I got married a year ago, Oct.1, while my grandfather was dying of cancer. After an amazing prayer, we played Chris's Amazing Grace as a tribute to my grandfather not being with us on our day. The hall was filled with silent tears. Thank you for such an incredibly powerful version of the greatest song.
10/28/2011 2:33:03 PM
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson United States
Susan Rutherford Wilkinson
Congrats, Chris and Lauren. God Bless.
C u tomorrow at Reed Green in Hattiesburg, MS!

10/28/2011 2:33:32 PM
Ryan United States
Congratulations to your new family Chris. Through past year and a half have been similar for me. I was married a year and ago and now my  wife and are enjoying our little baby girl of 9 months. Cherish every moment and thank you for your ministry. Peace of Christ be with  you.
10/28/2011 2:40:51 PM
Denise Griffin United States
Denise Griffin
My grandson was7 years old and I was taking him home when your song Amazing Grace I been set free was playing on KLove, I never realized how much he listened and I was just singing along, I thought he was playing. Later that month his mother was going to read his bedtime story and he asked her to sing instead, she asked him what he wanted to hear and he told her Amazing Grace, she started to sing it and he stopped her and told her it was the wrong song he wanted to hear the maw-maw sang by Chris,he said I find,t know and he told her to call me and I could teach her. He leoves that song.
10/28/2011 2:41:55 PM
Sarah United States
10/28/2011 2:43:53 PM
Pamela A Taylor United States
Pamela A Taylor
I love the mass worship that I had been involved with when you are in concert.  I absloutely LOVE the feeling of being with hundreds of people lifting up their voices in praise.  It is a feeling that I will cherish again when I see you at the Alive Fest here in Ohio next summer.  I look forward to worshipping with you in person.  HUGZ and God bless.
10/28/2011 3:07:34 PM
Kim United States
Can't wait to see Chris tmw night at Reed Green in Hattiesburg, ms!!!!
10/28/2011 3:16:20 PM
Beckie Black United States
Beckie Black
Without a doubt, the ministry of Chris Tomlin is anointed and is pure and completely God honoring. God could use anyone, but it is a blessing to many, including me, that Chris obeyed the call of God on his life in this way. I am grateful to God and truly happy for Chris that he gets to serve God in this manner. Thank you Chris!!
10/28/2011 3:27:39 PM
Jessy United States
When is Chris Tomlin coming to New York?
10/28/2011 3:28:59 PM
Dena Folsom United States
Dena Folsom
Hey Chris...I was blessed to go and see you in concert in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday. I've never had such a great time as I did that night. To me, it seemed like everyone was up and singing and praising GOD. We were sitting in the balcony and when you were jumping and dancing our seats were totally bouncing up and down. The higher you jumped on stage the higher we bounced also. Thank you for a great performance. God was with us that night. We didn't get home till after one am and had to be up at 530 am tne next morning; but it was well worth it and my freinds and I would do it again in a heartbeat. God Bless and Peace!
10/28/2011 3:30:30 PM
Dolores Najar United States
Dolores Najar
Saw you for the first time when you came with Steven C Chapman to El Paso, TX.  You lifted us up and away and I have purchased every single cd y ou ever released since.  My son, Blu, passed away last year at 43 years and we had the absolute pleasure of worshipping many times to your cd's.  thank you for your faith, your modeling, and most of all for obeying the call of God on your life to bless people all over the world! I might never see you again here on earth, but I know that in heaven we will meet again.  God bless you and your family  & cover you with His incredible love. "Exalted" (Yahweh)was especially sweet. We love you Chris!
10/28/2011 3:36:54 PM
Ashley United States
I will rise. I absolutely love this song. I put it on my Facebook page yesterday, actually. It is such an encouragement. It reminds me not only am I his child but he knows my name. God calls all of his children to rise. May God bless you, your family and ministry.
10/28/2011 4:09:00 PM
Diana Miller United States
Diana Miller
My husband & I have seen you twice in concert. Just last week in Little Rock!! It was AMAZING. Like a giant worship service. In 2008 our son & another young man were in an terrible accident in India; our son was in critical condition & the other young man had been killed. We heard that you meet his parents backstage in Tulsa Oklahoma at your concert just a few days after the accident and prayed for them and for our son's recovery. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for the prayers.
10/28/2011 4:19:42 PM
Stephanie Hawkins United States
Stephanie Hawkins
We absolutey love when Chris Tomlin comes to town because we know that it will be a powerful night of worship.  We don't come for a music experience.  We come for a God Encounter & that is what we do EVERY time!  We encounter God!  What a powerful night.  Can't wait until you come back to Council Bluffs, IA.  Congratulations on your Beautiful Bride & Adorable Baby!  May God pour out His Love upon you & your family!
10/28/2011 4:21:14 PM
Brittany United States
I am from Petal,ms, which is in the Hattiesburg area where Chris will be tomorrow! Chris's music has been such a inspiration for our new church Vineyard that just started this past February! Thank you for your passion for Christ, we rock out to your music weekly!
10/28/2011 4:31:00 PM
montana United States
I can't narrow down to a favorite Christ Tomlin song, but I absolutely love "I lift my hands" and "I will Follow". Chris, you are absolutely amazing and such an inspiration to me!! You are who I listen to when I get down and for inspiration for my own songs. You are the light that leads me to believe again. thank you
10/28/2011 4:32:54 PM
Terri United States
I went to the show in Independence, MO and could just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit!  Last fall my Dad & 2 of my children were going through difficult times.  I was shuttling my Dad & 1 of my children from doctor to doctor.  They both had several complicated health issues going on.  My other child is an adult who has been making heart breaking choices that are not in line with a Godly life.  I was driving to my Dad's house for another doctor appointment with tears in my eyes.  My heart was breaking and as I talked to God I told Him I didn't know how much more I could take.  I was about a mile from my house when my radio came on.  It was the verse of "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone" that says "The Lord has promised good to me . . . " .  I was covered with goose bumps & felt such a deep peace. I thanked God for the reminder.  The day of your concert I was home cleaning house when the DJ came on the radio and announced that he had 2 tickets with Meet & Greet passes to be won in the coming hour.  In my heart I felt that I would win them if I called in . . . and I did!  I think God wanted you to know how much your music comforts and inspires us.  Thank you for allowing God to minister through you.  If I make the trip to St. Louis next month, will you add that verse for me?
10/28/2011 4:35:49 PM
Denise Joy United States
Denise Joy
Hi Mr. Tomlin. Congrats on your new addition. Smile
Also I played your song, Amazing Grace, at my wedding back in 2007. Not a dry eye in the room even the Pastor was tearing. Saw you perform Amazing Grace live at the Anaheim Harvest Crusaide with Greg Laurie, a few years back.
Your heart for Jesus is amazing and shows in your music. May our God so bless you and your little family this Christmas 2011 and always.

Denise Joy Smile
10/28/2011 4:38:02 PM
John Rennard United States
John Rennard
I love when you all make me cry WHILE I am driving. Haha
Chris Tomlin, you are my favorite worship leader / song writer / etc Smile
You were in Little Rock, AR last week and I was just sick that I couldn't go. I had to be at church (which wasnt bad) but I sure wanted to be at your concert.
How Great is Our God world version, is an AWESOME song. Love it!

May God Bless you and keep using you to touch many lives (including mine) everyday.
Love you brother.

John Rennard

Ps, congrats on the new baby!
10/28/2011 4:54:05 PM
Donna M Johnson United States
Donna M Johnson
I heard Chris on K-Love about 6 years ago singing "Everlasting God".  I went to the store and purchased "See the Morning".  It is difficult to put into words how his voice changed my life.  But suffice it to say,  I was way ahead of the contest to not listen to secular music on the radio.  Surrounding oneself with worship music, prayer and just knowing how much God loves us is very powerful.  You see,  I am not able to partake in alot of normal activities due to my health.  However,  my relationship with God has change so much as I listen to HIM and know that he is always present.  God has taught me so much about HIM and I have learned so much about HIM and will continue to do so I am sure.  Thank you K-Love for the blessing of you and all that are touched by those such as Chris.  Praise HIM!!!
10/28/2011 4:58:17 PM
Mrs. Keith Davis United States
Mrs. Keith Davis
Hi Scott, Kelli, and Chris!
I just heard "How Great is Our God" World Edition and I was blown away! What a phenomenal, beautiful way to adapt the oneness of mankind into song! Thank you, Chris for your great passion for Jesus, and thank you Scott and Kelli for gifting us all with the blessing of Chris' music tonight.
Chris, I must say that your music has comforted, encouraged, and lifted me up for more than six years now. Even more, I constantly played your cds as I wrote a book through divine guidance with Jesus Christ, titled Spirituality for The Common Man. I mentioned this fact in the book's introduction, and your song "Made To Worship" has been my theme song! You can check it out at spiritualityforthecommonman.com. You will definitely like Jesus' New Beatitudes, which the book presents!
So thanks so much for creating your beautiful life chaning music, Chris, and thanks Scott and Kelli for your great radio station. You all rock! Even my husband is listening to KLove since I play it so often.
Congratulations on your beautiful new baby I see pictured, Chris,and on your new album.  I will always be grateful for all that you have done to assist mankind in hearing Jesus' word.
Always being love, being forgiveness,and being one
Keith Davis
10/28/2011 6:04:28 PM
Jerry Buisson United States
Jerry Buisson
Hattiesburg, Mississippi!  Saturday, October 29!  Chris, if you and your team want your concert interpreted in American Sign Language, let me know.  I'll volunteer my time and talent for your concert.  (I know it's late to make the offer, but here it is.)  My email address was provided with the submission of this message.  Contact me and we'll talk details. I would be honored to perform with/for you. (I can provide credentials for interpreting and church-related.)  ~ Jerry B
10/28/2011 10:38:33 PM
kenny kellner United States
kenny kellner
i just wanted to say thank u for showing me who god was in my life with your music.about 6 years ago my life was a mess.i didnt know what i was doing in my life i had no controle over what was gonna happen.then one day i went to church and i herd your song "how great is our god"..i keep asking how is it you write a song and it just makes me tear up everytime.u have and your music have shown me who god is in my life.if it wasnt for u i dont know if god would ever be in my life.. so i just wanted to say thank u from the bottom of my heart...hope to see u soon in baltimore
10/30/2011 7:37:35 AM
Lauren United States
Ok, ooone question. How on EARTH is it possible for your wife o get pregnant on the same year you were married?! Seems a liiittle to soon if ya ask me Smile But nonetheless, both of your girls are georgeous and your a very blessed man Chris.

I've seen you twice in concert. Both in KY. They are so powerfull and I love it when I get to go to one. Your shows are so uplifting and I appreciate all you do to make this world a better place.

May God keep richly blessing you.

Your sister in Christ,
        ~Lauren Hickman~
     Hebrews 10:39
10/30/2011 7:40:02 AM
Lauren United States
too* soon
10/31/2011 11:39:00 AM
gracie United States
Hi Scott and Kelly I was wondering if you could please   play clothes by Barlow Girl.  
11/2/2011 2:02:34 PM
Alexis United States
your music is amazing
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