Nov 29 2011

Christmas Movies and Awesome Sweaters

Switchfoot will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno playing "Dark Horses" live tonight!

'Tis the season to watch classic holiday movies and jump to wild conclusions about what your favorite one reveals about your personality. Are you the Scrooge of your friend group or are you the softy who believes that hugs and well-meaning elves just might heal the world? 

What Your Favorite Christmas Movie Says About You. Shine from YAHOO!

Awesome Christmas Sweater Contest Winners for November 28, 2011

Catch the gmc World Premiere Movie The Heart of Christmas, the true story of the Locke family’s quest to give their seriously ill son an early and magical Christmas, this Sunday night at 7 & 9 pm eastern -- only on gmc television network. This movie reminds us all of what is at the heart of Christmas and we want to share that spirit with you by giving you a chance to win Matthew West’s new Heart of Christmas CD, that provided the title track and inspiration for the movie and his book of the same name. Along with that you could get a little extra help with your Christmas budget by winning a $100 gift card! For more info on the movie go to

Wofgang Puck calls out Starbucks for 'terrible coffee.'

Cool iPhone apps for Christmas:


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12/1/2011 4:53:17 PM
ShineForChrist United States
I was wondering when will you guys play Christmas music? Smile
Thanks, ShineForChrist
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