Dec 29 2011

New York, New York

Looking back at 2011, one of the biggest highlights for us was our trip to New York back in September.  We were there to honor all the lives lost ten years ago on 9/11 by serving at The Bowery Mission and The Relief Bus.  It was so much fun to do the show from the ABC News studios in fact, the entire trip was life changing!

One part of our trip that impacted me the most was serving along side Mandisa and Tenth Avenue North at The Bowery Mission (see the photo below!). We had the opportunity to talk with James Macklin, the Director of Outreach at The Bower Mission, about his story.  I was blown away when  Mandisa sang "Stronger" for the guests and I walked away a different person, gaining more from serving than being served.  

"Serving at The Relief Bus with Big Daddy Weave impacted me equally as we served soup to the homeless.  I was changed by serving at both of these ministries."- Scott

"I have to say that serving at The Relief Bus was life changing for me!  I was stunned to see that the face of homelessness has changed.  There were several people in business suites coming to get soup because they could not afford to buy lunch.  In fact, Mike Weaver, from Big Daddy Weave, shared about how it impacted him to be a part of distributing clothing and food that day.  It was a humbling and incredible experience."- Kelli

Listen this Saturday (12/31/2011) and Sunday (1/1/2012) from 2pm to 4pm Central to hear us talk  about all the Top Stories and Songs of 2011.

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12/31/2011 7:42:53 AM
Peggy Fredericks United States
Peggy Fredericks
I just love you Scott and Kelly. I listen to you everyday and I am so blessed with your encouraging words especially with the tough time that I am going thru with my job. I also sent a comment to JD for his encouraging words. It means so much to have a christian radio station that encourages us everyday to live 100% for Jesus. Please pray for me that my boss gives me the raise I deserve next month but I know that it really comes from the Lord.

God Bless your ministry and keep serving Jesus

Peggy Fredericks
1/2/2012 2:27:16 PM
Douglas Marlow United States
Douglas Marlow
Just wanted to let you guys know I am only listening to K-Love and can't wait for trips no matter how small to hear a story or song or just a comment by you or Scott.  I have had a hard life. In 1980, I rushed to my fiance side after she graduated from Fashion Design School in Boston Ma., we were united for only a couple hours before she died in my arms after an accident on the way to elope in Niagra Falls at 23 years of age. It took 5 years of prayer and faith to finally open up and love again.  I was lucky and God blessed me with a woman that loved as easily as she breathed.  We were one in so many ways.  One morning she left our home in Alaska to drive 30 miles to skate with our light and life, Danielle, our beautiful 7 year old daughter. They were hit head on by a drunk 18 year old native american boy on the way. In one call my life was again to much to bear and both of them were never coming home again. All I had, and each day realize I can ever hope to have, is a kind and glorious Lord that in my life has shown me that when I am alone I am not alone and when I am defeated he will hold my head while I cry. In all the dispair I felt and witnessed, his presence was always made known to me.  I want you to know I am so glad he made it possible to have your station as a new strength in my life. Thank you for the joy you spread.
1/3/2012 1:02:39 PM
Gina Suson United States
Gina Suson
Pronoucinmy last name: Sue-leave the e off song-leave the g off/ Suson

You are talking about New Year's Resolutions and rewards. Here's an idea for a woman: If a woman stated she was going to lose weight and is planning on rewarding herself, (you said something about no food reward). How about every 5 or 10 lbs. she loses she treats herslf to 1 Long Stem Rose. That is a great reward.
But I do not make resolutions anymore and haven't in about 15 years. Because things get forgotten, overlooked, we give up for 1 reason or another or something like that. I just make sure I Praise God More Everyday. That's the best anyway! I praise God for: God, Jesus, God's Holy Spirit, my son, my family & friends, my animals, my landlords, my home and my vehicle God gave me. God Bless you & Scott & K-LOVE. Please answer on athe radio would like to hear your comment
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