Apr 26 2012

Unsung Rescues

Arizona Puppy Rescued From Cactus. abc NEWS

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Woman Spills Yogurt on Obama. YAHOO! NEWS

Matt Lauer's plaid jacket is now famous, and tweeting.

"All this attention - it's going straight to my shoulder pads."

— Plaid Jacket (@MattPlaidJacket) April 26, 2012

Time-Lapse Video Shows One World Trade Construction; Tower Could Surpass Empire State Building in Height. abc NEWS


Tips for Dealing with Online Criticism, by Rachel Held Evans

Wait. Don't respond too quickly. Calm down first!

Engage the positive. Don't give too much power to the "negative." Honor the honest, positive feedback you get.

Don’t feel the need to respond to criticism that is intended to cause dissention.

Apologize if you have made a mistake!

Don’t let the praise carry you too high or the criticism drag you down too low.



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