Aug 09 2012

Running for My Life

Running for My Life: A True Story. Huffington Post written by Lopez Lomong 

I saw the fluid motion of Michael Johnson racing across the TV screen, and over the finish line. He had just won the gold and set the world record for the 400m dash. It was the first time I had ever seen a TV. I didn't know it at the time, but this experience would change my life. The race was special enough, but it was what happened minutest later that truly affected me. As Michael stepped up on a tiered box and received a gold medal around his neck, he cried.

In Africa men don't cry. I was shocked- he had just won the race and a gold medal. I could not fathom what could draw such a powerful emotion from this man. I heard the national anthem play and saw the American flag raised high. As a "Lost Boy" in no-mans-land without a family or a country, I began to wonder at the incredible pride he had for America and tried to fathom what kind of place it must be to bring the fastest man in the world to tears.

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