Aug 23 2012

Superman, Not So Super Any More

Superman-Wonder Woman romance rocks DC Comics. TODAY

I am disappointed, super heros are supposed to be moral and this is not. 

Superman has a new girlfriend, and she’s no mere mortal.

In a radical reboot of its venerable Superman narrative, DC Comics has scrapped the Man of Steel’s marriage to Lois Lane and given him a new love interest. And it’s a fellow superhero in her own right: Wonder Woman.

The new relationship between the comics icons is dramatized on the cover of Justice League #12, which goes on sale Aug. 29. The two superhumans are locked in a passionate embrace on the verge of a kiss, as rendered by renowned DC Comics artist (and co-publisher) Jim Lee.

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8/25/2012 12:47:58 AM
Candace United States
Man, this is just wrong... just completely wrong. Frown
Supey's not so super anymore...
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