Sep 17 2012

Special Guest, Author Bob Goff

Bob Goff, author of the book Love Does is with us today around 4pm Central. Share your questions here or on Facebook.


Quitting Every Thursday

Jump The Tracks

Sending Letters

Consulate of Uganda

Story about a Uganda Boy

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9/17/2012 3:20:36 PM
Heidi Pszanka United States
Heidi Pszanka
I've been listening to you online while I'm here at work and you've have made me laugh and have made me cry all in the same moment!  Your stories are enlightening and inspiring!  I LOVE the fact you journey with your kiddos, encouraging them to dream big, so neat!! Thank you for being REAL!  We need more people just to show His love instead of simply talking about it.  May He continue to bless you!
9/17/2012 3:52:28 PM
Michael Dove United States
Michael Dove
I was listening all day between jobs in the work truck today. Im asking for that book for my birthday next month! Mr. Goff hit several points that caught my attention, mainly about "what we're made to do" because I am trying to find where I fit in the puzzle in God's plan for my life in His purpose. (I should probablly lis tr en to God more intently on that matter)   I also looooved when he said "be a friend and you'll leak Jesus on people" God spoke to me thru him on that comment. (I've also been afraid to tell others about what Jesus is doing in my life, simply because I don't know how to bring it up to people.)

I believe in encouragement as a big booster between Christians, so I had to write. God needed me to hear that all today, and I wanted to thank all of you for what you're doing to encourage others, following God's purpose, and helping others do the same.

Mike in San Antonio
9/18/2012 3:42:23 PM
ATeenageChristian United States
I am reading the book Love Does as a book study in church with a few other youth, and so far I am loving it. I was running errands today when I heard that you had had Bob on the radio for an interview, and my first thought was 'ah! I wish I had listened to that!' When you mentioned that it would be available on the website. Thank you SO much for posting this, it was really interesting, and I think that I'll share it with my youth book study!
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