Nov 30 2012

Secret Santa Gift Guide...All Under $20!

Gift Guide: Secret Santa Gifts Under $20. FOX News 

The holiday season means plenty of things: Christmas trees, decorations, cocktail parties, hot chocolate, family time, and oh yes, the holiday office gift swap. While Secret Santa can be fun, co-workers can be hard to shop for — especially if you don't know them well!


SHARK SOCKS, $8, 3 for $20 

OT STYLUS PEN, $17.59 - $23.99

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12/2/2012 1:21:33 PM
Jamie United States
Often times when doing secret Santa we think we have to buy ONE gift for that price, why not be creative and make a basket? You can pick up nice baskets, basket wrappers, and even some of the fillings at the dollar stores (dollar tree is my favorite). Find one decent centerpiece, it will be the item that usually costs the most or is the biggest and build your basket around that. Last Christmas I made a bath basket for the girl whose name I picked for secret Santa, she loved it. It over flowed and only cost me 15 of the 20 dollar limit.
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