Jan 14 2013

This Is What You Were Made For!

Much is often made about finding your purpose in life, and if you are struggling with your purpose, I hope that I can shed some light on things for you that can change your life forever.  Yesterday I sat in church listening to author and pastor, Francis Chan speak about "Discipleship", the subject of his new book "Multiply", and after listening to Francis, I was reminded that our search for purpose and significance, as a Christian, begins and ends in Matthew 28. 

A portion of scripture that we are all familiar with, "The Great Commission", to go into all the World and make disciples of all nations.  It was not something that Jesus gave us as "Check Box Option" to choose when we gave our lives to him, but a command that we are called to obey, one that he says we are equipped for because ALL authority on both Heaven and Earth was given to him, being a disciple has always involved making disciples.  Francis said, "For us to ignore that and come before an Almighty God and admit, 'I didn't make a single disciple,' is a really big deal! This is what it means to be a disciple in the first place."

Perhaps you have been doing a great job of this, that's awesome, keep up the good work, but, if you're being honest, and it is area that you have always struggled with, this could the year that all that changes, the year that you "Respond With Courage".  After all, we want, at the end of our life, to be able to say, "I did what I was called to do in the great commission." 


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1/14/2013 4:18:47 PM
Roy United States
Making disciples is not the primary reason for us to be on this earth ... not in the sense of reaching out.  It may be the reason God leaves us here for now but He is concerned about us in the present time. This is what outgoing people ... people with a certain personality type ... read into scripture. That is what all the different church structures are about as well as most theological differences. God created people differently. Often each group goes through the bible and says "THIS" is what it is all about!!! The truth is that it is about all of it and all of us. We are often told by certain personality groups that, "it’s not about you." But yet Jesus died for each of us. It is about us. When we partake of the break ... (communion, breaking of bread) ... we are to examine ourselves. We look at Jesus and compare ourselves to Him. We look at our faults. It’s not just about glorifying God or making the needs of others. It is about our own need. The church body is very weak.  It is weak because we try to operate with just a few pieces of the body working together and try to make every piece like us. It is weak because we often fail to realize that the gathering of Christians in the Name of Jesus is about equipping the saints. Can you come up with other reasons? Absolutely! But never tell a starving person to deliver bread without eating first.  Roy Wasson, for the love of the saints
1/14/2013 7:29:19 PM
Julie Behling United States
Julie Behling
Everyone that is a believer on this earth needs to see this small clip and honestly think whether they are following this command, or like many of us (me included) have (falsely) convinced themselves that it was optional..... I need the courage and strength to do this - thanks so much for sharing this, Scott. I love Francis Chan and his ability to cut through our excuses to what a real walk with Christ means and actually looks like.
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