Apr 01 2013

Hello Monday!

THANK YOU | Pledge Drive

Thank you for what you do to help make K-LOVE possible for so many around the world! We received this from one of our listeners and wanted to share:

I am 15 and I have listened to K-LOVE everyday during high school. I have lived with my grandparents since I was about 7. My mother is in rehabilitation and I never knew my dad. Everyday at school I am lost and sad thinking about my family. And no one really can relate to my situation at school, so they can't understand what I go through everyday. It was so much weight for me to carry around all the time. But in high school I started to listen to K-LOVE any chance I could get, during passing periods, study hall, anytime. I have gotten to know Jesus Christ! I thank K-LOVE everyday for helping me get through the day at peace. I don't where I would be without K-LOVE. Thank you guys so much! -Cameron

Adorable! Baby Giraffe given an inspiring name!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

April Fools experienced on the internet!

Gruesome! Kevin Ware's freak accident in yesterday's game.

The Bible Series finale - Crucifixion scene.

The latest controversial Google Doodle.

Hiker's amazing survival story - 6 days in snow!

So sad! Teen who enjoyed bucket list prom passed away. Be praying for her family!


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