Aug 27 2013

Life In The Cracks

As a Christian, you’re called to surrender yourself to God’s plan for your life. World Vision President, Rich Sterns says, “being a Christian isn’t about simply being a “decider,” living a dumb downed Gospel just so you can get your “get into heaven” card.  It is about being a “disciple” and making Jesus Lord of your life.”  Christ cautions us about living any other way.   

Billy Graham said it so well, “God leaves us here because He has a mission for us to fulfill.  We aren’t here by accident; neither are we here simply to enjoy the good things life has to offer.  We are here because God put us here, and He has a sovereign purpose in keeping us here.  It’s true for us as individuals, and it’s true for His body, the Church, in all its fullness.  As Jesus prayed just before His arrest and trial, “I am not praying that You take them out the World… As you sent Me into the World, I also have sent them into the World.” (John 17:15,18)

As we set out on this journey to take “Love Around The World,” our World Vision host, Steve Quant told us to “look in the cracks, for it is in the cracks that you see poverty at it’s worst.”  And boy has he been right, in every city, in every country and on every continent that we have traveled to, we have seen that. Lurking in the shadows of skyscrapers, hotels, apartment complexes and homes, we have discovered those forgotten by society, those who live in the cracks, those that we so often ignore. 

“Looking in the cracks” has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life, within those cracks lie some of the sweetest, kindest and most humble people I have ever met.  Within those cracks lie hopes and dreams clinging to life, hopes and dreams that God calls us to breath life into.  I have said it before and I will say it again, we have met the “least of these” living in these cracks, the very ones that Christ, himself, calls us to care and look out for.

For twenty-six years, Andrea has lived in one of these cracks with her 5 children, forgotten, alone and desperately poor.  Her home consisted of a space literally in a “crack” between two buildings, thrown together with whatever scraps she could find, a wooden pallet here, a piece of plastic there.  A roof that leaked like a sieve when it rained, leaving her home soaked, full of mold, that constantly kept her and her kids sick.  In the 12 years that Steve Quant has worked for World Vision, he says it one of the most heart wrenching and worse living conditions he has ever seen.  I am happy to tell you we didn’t see it, thanks to World Vision’s work in Andrea’s Sao Paulo neighborhood, she is no longer forgotten, her family has a new found hope.  Andrea is now dreaming about her kids’ futures once again!

They still live in that same crack because they simply have no money and nowhere else to go, but thanks to World Vision’s commitment to change kids, families and communities; and the help of her church, Andrea’s crack will have real walls, a real floor and roof that will keep her and the kids safe and dry for the time in twenty-six years.  

Andrea has had a very difficult life, she is very quiet and soft spoken, but when she shared what a difference World Vision child sponsorship had made, her face filled with hope and gratitude poured forth from her lips.  For what you spend on a monthly manicure or pedicure, a trip through a drive thru with your family, or on a trim for the dog… You can change the life of not only a child; but their family and their entire community.  Everyone in Andrea’s neighborhood has seen what love has done to bring forth new life.

This shouldn’t be something that we have to mull over, and pray about, in hopes of God letting you off the hook; Over and over and over again, the Bible tells us this is what God EXPECTS of us as Christians, as “disciples!”  There are more kids, like Andrea’s, that are still waiting for YOU to make them a part of your family.  Start that relationship TODAY!  Just click the link to find your child… 

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