Alex Taylor
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Sometimes life can be like a broken traffic light- where faith is the only thing that can get you through the intersection. We all face many crossroads where faith is the only map and Alex's life has been no different. In her early days growing up in the Bible Belt she quickly realized being a math scholar was out of the question - but it was during her school years that her love for listening and encouraging others took root.

Scripture tells us faith is what we can't see, Alex took a GIANT leap of faith in 2,500 miles away after graduation. She moved from coast to coast with a love for people, a desire for God, and a couple bucks in her pocket! That leap landed her in the radio business and discovered a career in LISTENING and ENCOURAGING people (who knew!) 

Alex has had more than a couple red lights, some caution, but found a BRIGHT Green light on the road to K-LOVE! She is ecstatic about hopping on board the team and can't wait to meet you! 

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