Posted on Thursday, Apr 07, 2022 by Skip & Amy

Helen Smallbone and for KING & COUNTRY Join Amy for an Exclusive Interview

Helen Smallbone, author of "Behind the Lights: The Extraordinary Adventure of a Mum and Her Family," is joined by her sons, Joel and Luke Smallbone of @for KING & COUNTRY, as she sits down with Amy for an exclusive interview on the K-LOVE Morning Show. The Smallbones talk about their family's journey, losing everything and their move to America.

Helen's book is a memoir of the challenges her family, including @Rebecca St. James and the Smallbone brothers, faced over the last few decades. That journey shaped her family and forced them to unify into the successful and tight-knit group they are today.

Helen says it's easy to stay behind the lights, but sometimes God calls you into that light, and her purpose and prayer for her book is that people will realize God is faithful, He is good and that they can trust Him, because he will look after all the details.

Watch Now: Interview with Helen Smallbone & for KING & COUNTRY

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