Posted on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 by Skip & Amy

K-LOVE Exclusive Interview with Cody Carnes

@Cody Carnes has quite a library of voice memos on his phone – some better than others.

During a recent trip to the K-LOVE Studios, the singer, songwriter and worship leader took time to chat with K-LOVE DJs Skip and Amy on a myriad of topics, including those notes spoken into his mobile device at all hours.

“I have voice memos where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, I’ve grabbed my phone half asleep and I’ve sung into it. While I’m singing, it’s just a great idea in my mind, and then you wake up and listen to it and you can’t even decipher what I’m doing,” Carnes laughed.

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But when one of those ideas turns into a hit song like “Run to the Father” or “Ain’t Nobody” along the way? “It’s incredible [to be able to receive those song lyrics from God],” Carnes said. “What an honor.”

The husband of fellow artist, @Kari Jobe, and father of two boys, Carnes discussed everything from his family life to his golf game to playing the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. But it’s the word of God that leaves him truly inspired to help people connect to Jesus, to sing songs of faith and to find peace in His glory and grace.

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“I want [people to know] Jesus loves them,” Carnes said. “God created them for a purpose. He has a plan for their life. God has incredible things for them, He sees every situation and there's nothing too big or too small. He sees it right where you're at right now. He sees it, He's in it with you and my prayer is that He opens your eyes to see Him more and it becomes more evident. It's not that we need, necessarily, more of His presence, but we need to become more aware of it. And so, I pray that you become more aware of His presence – whatever you're walking through.”

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