You Got This!

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019 by Skip & Amy


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Here's your "One and Only" YGT question:

                          What will "coffee" get you? 

Your official incorrect guesses:

"Good to the last Drop" - David

14 points in Scrabble - Tara

A very strung-out day - Renee

Iron Fortified Carbon Monoxide - Janet

Caffeinated - Nancy

Over 4 million search results - Janice

An instant human - Ruth

Woken Up - Elisabeth

So you can get through your day so you can go to church - Amber and Westin

There - Carter and Jennifer

A trip to Indonesia - Roger and family

A good morning - Brooke

Arrested - Trisha

Buzzzzzzzed _Charmane

To get you through the day - Beth

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You Got This!!