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Take the Challenge & Strengthen Your Relationships!

Can you make it through a technology-free meal?

Dinner is a time to relax, recharge, laugh, tell stories and catch up on the day's ups and downs while developing a sense of who we are as a family. This may be a scenario you've experienced: you sit down for a meal with a friend, family member or colleague, but instead of spending that time talking to one another, you're scrolling through Instagram, texting other friends and are generally disconnected from the present moment. 

Did you know that Americans now spend an average of 5.4 hours per day on their phone? Although our phones were meant to bring us closer together, they can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Let's keep our relationships strong this summer with the Together Time Challenge! Can you make it through a technology-free meal? The challenge is simple! As you sit down at the table with loved ones, have everyone silence and stack their phones in the middle of the table. The first one to touch a phone before the end of the meal picks up the check. If you're at home with a dinner table filled with teenagers, you could change the stakes: the first one to touch a phone washes the dishes, cleans the kitchen…the cleaning options are endless! You don't have to go cold turkey to break your family or friends' screen habits. Instead, practice separating yourself from your phone for periods of time. It will feel strange at first, but we have a feeling you'll notice an immediate strength in your relationships!

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