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prayer after game


Advocacy Group Threatens, So Students Lead Postgame Prayer - Major Turnout

“Satan’s power was defeated tonight!”

Photo Credit: Kentucky Today/Bob Vick

Source: kentuckytoday.com

Pine Tree


No Pine, No More - Pine Tree Dispute Resolved In Pricy San Francisco Neighborhood

The tree was at least 32 feet tall and was blocking a neighbor's view of the city

Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

John Hinckley Jr

U.S. & World

Man Who Shot Pres. Reagan To Be Freed From Oversight

The plan is to release Hinckley from all court supervision in June if he remains mentally stable

Photo Credit: AP/Evan Vucci

meatless nuggets out of a deep fryer

U.S. & World

Crowded Plant-Based Chicken Market Getting More Crowded

Photo Credit: AP/Terry Chea

Devin Dukes & Camden


"I Knew That Was My Baby" - Young Woman Chooses Life, Helped By Crisis Pregnancy Center

“I definitely had a lot of fears ... I mean, I was freshly out of high school. I didn’t know anything about raising a baby.”

Photo Credit: Kentucky Today

Source: kentuckytoday.com



Salmonella: CDC Investigating Outbreak Linked To Unknown Food Source

The CDC says a salmonella outbreak has been reported in at least 29 states from an unknown food source

Photo Credit: Fox 10 Phoenix

Source: fox10phoenix.com

Red Cross Emergency Kit

U.S. & World

What Goes Into A Disaster Kit And Go-Bag?

Here’s a checklist for hurricane, wildfire and storm seasons

Photo Credit: US National Archives

Passengers at airport

U.S. & World

When To Book Your Holiday Flights

When it comes to getting a deal on holiday airfare, there's no time like the present

Photo Credit: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com



Tech Is Expensive! Ways You’re Wasting Money And Smart Fixes To Save

With shiny new gear popping up daily and yet another streaming service there to woo you, it can be hard sometimes to stop the flow of cash

Photo Credit: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com

Solar Powered Van


It's Solar Powered, Just Don't Call It A Camper Van

“We call it a self-sustaining house on wheels."

Photo Credit: AP/Thibault Camus

Cybersecutity Pro Ausitn Moody got DOD scholarship


States, Local Governments, Disadvantaged In Hiring Cybersecurity Pros

State governments are regular targets for cybercriminals, drawn by the wealth of personal data

Photo Credit: AP/Steve Nesius

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