Brenda Gantt is honestly surprised - and very thankful for what God is doing in her life. 

When a ‘how to make homemade biscuits’ video unexpectedly went viral, it was the start of a new chapter in her life, at age 73. Months later, Brenda has well over a million people following her on Facebook, where she offers a cooking show featuring recipes that often involve scrumptious Southern cooking. After all, Brenda and her family are in Andalusia, Alabama, a town of 8,700 just above the Florida Panhandle. 

Brenda’s soft spoken cooking coaching offers step-by-step instructions to create fascinating dishes like: Banana Split Without a Banana, Old Time Chocolate Gravy, Rolled Chicken, and Cracklin’ Cornbread. Instead of fancy cookware, you see the skillets and utensils average people might have in their kitchen. And as Brenda stands over the stove keeping an eye on her food project, she will share things on her mind – maybe about her family or someone she met, and she often shares about her faith in Jesus. No sermons, just talking from her heart.

As we started our phone interview with Brenda, my opening question was, “Have you enjoyed cooking all your life?” Her reply gave me an indication of how much fun the interview was going to be. She simply said, “Yes, I have, and I think the reason is, I enjoy eating, too!” For her skills, Brenda credits her mother for letting her watch meal preparations and setting a table to make a family meal fun. 

You can hear our complete podcast interview right here – and we have links to some of her shows further below

Brenda says she never imagined having her own cooking show with a huge social media audience across the country. “But, I can say this. My prayer has always been that the Lord would help me be a positive influence on the people that I’m around and he has made this possible. He’s answered my prayer.” She gives God all the credit for the amazing things now going on in her life. She also shares that, like many people, she has gone through some sad times and her faith in Jesus “is the glue that holds everything together … And without him, I couldn’t make it.” 

Feedback from people who watch her show often encourages Brenda. She hears from people who try to give cooking a shot, and succeed. One example. “They’re 50 and 60 years old and have been trying to make a biscuit all their lives – and they finally succeeded! That makes me happy.” 

In our podcast below, you’ll hear the unusual happening that led to her recipe for “Banana Split Without a Banana.” Brenda also explains the importance of everyone considering “a good hot breakfast” to start their day. She also shares how “love” can be a big reason Southern food tastes s-o-o-o good. 

Brenda's Facebook show samples below: