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Dancing Security Guard Willis Harris


Dancing Security Guard From Houston Astros Game Looks Back On Viral Video

You just never know what you'll get when you go to a Houston Astro's game!

Photo Credit: Fox 26 Houston

Source: fox26houston.com

American Texas flag flags


Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance Files Suit Charging Discrimination At University of Houston-Clear Lake

"Ratio Christi and its members because of their Christian beliefs, denying them recognition and equal treatment among their peer groups."

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Avi Werde

Umpire Ted Barrett


Ted Barrett Headed Back To The World Series: Full-Time Umpire, Ordained Pastor

“All good things come from God and this was a surprise for me.”

Photo Credit: AP/Ross D. Franklin

Source: baptistpress.com

driver and Luke Bryan

Good News

Luke Bryan Helps Woman With Blown Tire On Busy Highway

“He didn’t act like a celebrity, not even a little bit. He just looked like anybody else that would have pulled over.”

Photo Credit: WKRN-TV

Source: wkrn.com


Good News

'Unimpaired' - A Gathering Spot With Drinks, Games, Food, Karaoke - Without Alcohol

The goal is to offer a space where people can socialize and hang out, without any potential pressure to drink.

Photo Credit: KCRG/KCCI-TV

Source: kcci.com

LT Sarah Beemiller

U.S. & World

Brave, Determined Naval Officer Battles Breast Cancer While Active-Duty

"I’ve never felt like a cancer patient, like I was different - just a cared for member of the Navy..."

Photo Credit: Jonathan Holloway/DVIDS



Technology Helps Mission Pilots Serve Isolated People Groups

Josh Eicholtz, a JAARS-trained pilot-mechanic, is now ready within minutes to preflight the plane.

Photo Credit: JAARS

Source: jaars.org

THC-infused look alike products


Coroner's Office Warns About Cannabis Look-Alike Products That Could Seriously Harm Kids

“The THC-infused edibles are often marketed to youth. This is concerning because youth may have trouble discerning the difference between THC-infused edibles and actual food – especially children who cannot read..."

Photo Credit: Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County/Dayton PD

Source: phdmc.org

lost hikers

Good News

23 Lost Hikers From Church Group Rescued In NC (thanks to newstipper, Chris)

None of the hikers were injured, but Kitchin reported they were cold and hungry by the late evening when help arrived. All the hikers were able to hike out, which was a “very good outcome.”

Photo Credit: Banner Elk Volunteer Fire & Rescue Facebook Twitter Email Print Save

Source: wataugademocrat.com

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