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Your new favorite song now, Tauren Wells "Fake It" with K-LOVE first!

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022 by K-LOVE Staff

Tauren Wells "Fake It" with K-LOVE first!

@Tauren Wells does it again in his newest single, “Fake It.” This unforgettable, upbeat song will have you dancing in your car as you sing along. Wells describes the song as: “A celebration of the real love of Jesus Christ that sets us free to be everything He has called us to be and nothing we are not. In other words, Jesus did not die for who we pretend to be, Jesus died for who we really are. That means, we don’t have to 'fake It.' We don’t have to fake our feelings, we don’t have to fake our emotions, we don’t have to fake our doubt, we don’t have to fake our belief by wrapping it up in the trappings of tradition and religion. We get to come to Jesus as we are.”

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