Lauree laughing and smiling in the k love studio

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About Lauree

Even though I am originally from Boring, Oregon, I have lived in or traveled to more than 50 countries, and I’m always excited to discover a new city, a new culture and a new expression of God’s amazing creation! I once flew all the way to Iceland for 12 hours and then back on the plane home.

I love adventures and have had some crazy ones in my life: Tour manager for Tony Hawk and “So You Think You Can Dance,” missionary to the Czech Republic, skydiving/bungee jumping adrenaline junkie, being at gunpoint 12 times…and online dating.

My first radio job (job might be generous, it wasn't paid) was when I was 19 years old at a YWAM school in Northern Ireland.

My three sisters and I all live in different cities but stay in daily contact with a text chain sharing home decorating tips, prayer requests and generally hilarious videos from TikTok.