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About Monika

Radio has been part of my life since I was shorter than a stick. From making prank phone calls as early as the age of 3, ("Country Bible Service, would you like to buy a Bible?"), to riding around in the back of my best friend's dad's rock station radio van to various concerts, it seems God has always planned for me to be in this business.

My broadcasting career officially started on a sunny Sunday afternoon when I heard a still, small voice suggest I call the local Top 40 station ("Call FM102 and ask to be an intern"). When I called the next day, they just happened to have a slot available for the No. 1 morning show.

Within a few short weeks, I was in the studio using various voices for the show, running to McDonald's to get the host Egg McMuffins and occasionally filling in for the traffic guy on air. All of that fun led to a steady succession of radio gigs and eventually, to Christian radio.

A trip to a Billy Graham harvest crusade in the early ‘90s led me to one of my first encounters with Jesus and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jesus has given me everything—freedom from addiction first and then a life beyond my wildest dreams. My life isn't perfect but most of that is my perception anyway. Everything is as it should be. I trust Him.

My very funny husband, Jeff, my super-smart son, Joshua, and our daring dog, Jack, all live in a house Jeff built. I married a carpenter (OK, actually a general contractor). God definitely has a sense of humor!