Pastor Patrick

Associate Pastor

Pastor Patrick

With a background in youth ministry, international missions, and crisis chaplaincy, Pastor Patrick came to K-LOVE and Air1 with a wide range of experience. Service as a media missionary in 1997 led to him founding a ministry that provides support for Ethiopian ministers. In 2014, after his wife survived a cardiac arrest, Pastor Patrick became a chaplain for the local hospital and fire department. He has also served as an EMT.

“We all have a K-LOVE story,” recalls Pastor Patrick, “K-LOVE was playing in the hospital while my wife was there, and it really ministered to us. The right songs seem to always play at the right time.” As he learned more about what K-LOVE pastors do he said, “It’s like being a spiritual EMT, directing people to a meaningful relationship with the Great Physician.”

He finds joy in creating content for the online ministry in addition to serving listeners of K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks by offering biblical guidance and crisis intervention in a variety of situations. Pastor Patrick and his wife live in middle Tennessee where they enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. In addition to riding his café racer, he likes to cook, create architectural renderings, and come up with innovative approaches to problem solving. 

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