Pastor Randy

Associate Pastor

Pastor Randy

Pastor Randy has thirty years of experience in pastoral ministry. He believes the most important thing he does as a pastor at K-LOVE and Air1 is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage our listeners to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

In 2006, Pastor Randy tragically lost his wife, Rachel, to cancer. He spent a month on the road with his Golden Retriever listening to K-LOVE and Air1. “The music ministered to me in such a healing way," Pastor Randy recalls. "That helped me to let go of my pain. K-LOVE and Air1 were such an incredible help during my grieving season and it inspired me to move forward towards a new beginning.”

After his wife passed away, Pastor Randy decided to go back to school to earn a Mental Health Clinical Certification as well as a Grief Recovery Specialist Certification. He had no way of knowing that, eleven years after his devastating loss, he would end up working for the very radio station that helped him during his grief.

In his current role, he provides biblical counsel and crisis intervention in different situations for listeners of K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks. Pastor Randy remarried in 2012 and lives in Northern California with his wife, Karen. In his free time, he loves spending time with her.

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