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You Make Me Brave

You Make Me Brave


You Make Me Brave

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Falcon, the latest artist namesake from Amanda Lindsey Cook, is a spacious new “home” for what Cook refers to as her “pop poetry”. She and her team have created a comforting pop sound that feels and reads like a form of catharsis. Lush synths and programmed beats cushion an upfront, tell it like it is vocal. According to Cook, the upcoming album feels “balanced”. Each song has a complimentary, almost opposite opinion to itself. It feels like a good story, set to good beats and memorable melodies.

Cook believes that a great piece of music holds space for what she refers to as a bright sadness. “We can’t truly be open to joy without being open to sorrow as well. Our lives are filled with the vulnerability of both delight and disappointment. It feels important to have a soundtrack for all kinds of experiences, songs for every proverbial day of the week.”

“Music is a language insistent and committed to finding the golden thread that can make unlikely friends out of all of us,” says Cook. “I hope that all the different projects I make, under any name, would create little worlds of safety, expression, and belonging.” In Spring of 2020 Amanda joined the Sony family. Her first album as Falcon releases later this fall (2020). She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


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