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Successfully rallying against George Bernard Shaw’s famed quote that “youth is wasted on the young,” Texas natives Leeland have been one of Christian music’s prolific acts since the band’s start in 2005.

The band entered the music scene with hit radio single “Sound of Melodies;” a favorite in Japan as well as the U.S. Its most recent single, "Follow You," is a collaborative work with fellow artist Brandon Heath, and acts as a call to serve the poor among us. “Jesus said by this the whole world will know that you’re my disciples, by the way you love each other,” said Leeland Mooring. “Taking care of others and being the voice for those who are afflicted...people who are right there on your doorstep. The kingdom of God is love and real love is action.”

Before Leeland became Leeland, however, the group’s young lead singer and namesake Leeland Mooring was already showcasing his wise-beyond-his-years songwriting with none other than Michael W. Smith. Co-writing six songs on Smith’s 2006 release Stand. "Leeland is the best thing I have heard in a long, long time," says Grammy Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith. "I can't stop singing the songs in my head. Great melodies. Great band. Great voice."

The recipient of multiple Dove and Grammy Award nominations, Leeland, which is also comprised of Leeland’s brother Jack Mooring (keyboards, backing vocals), his sister Shelly Mooring and Mike Smith on drums, has continued to serve up innovative expressions of worship with a strong pop music sensibility. 

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