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Tedashii has been separating himself from the pack for the better part of a decade. With a slew of revered studio albums and EP’s to his name—including the masterful Below Paradise which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart—the Texas-born and bred rapper remains a force. His most recent release, 2016’s This Time Around, was an emotional journey comprised of celebratory records juxtaposed with stories of pain, hope, and overcoming tragedy. But it’s a new day. And with that, comes new purpose.

In 2017, Tedashii returns with fresh passion and renewed creative vision. Inspired by the pointed declaration of Luke 9:62, which states, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and turns back is fit for the kingdom of God,” the rapper is charged up anew. It’s no secret that our current social and political moment calls for more action and less empty jargon. Bearing this in mind, Tedashii has adopted a new ethos—one that reflects his clear commitment to making an impact despite the unpredictability of our cultural climate: Never Fold. Tedashii’s devotion is encapsulated in these simple albeit heavy words.

What exactly does Never Fold mean? On the surface, it centers on not giving up; it’s about maintaining and moving forward regardless of the tension and any opposition we might face. But in the light of Luke’s stern command, it’s much deeper and requires greater examination. “I understand pain firsthand,” Tedashii says. “For me, Never Fold is about celebrating life in the midst of adversity. It’s a reminder to not succumb to the pressures of life when in the end, it’s what makes diamonds of us all.”

What becomes apparent is Tedashii’s steady spiritual anchoring over the years. Despite his accomplishments—from sold out tours to having his track “Dum Dum” featured on the Fox TV series So You Think You Can Dance—he hasn’t grown complacent. Instead, his success has only raised the stakes and motivated him to continue investing in this generation. It’s this kind of fierce devotion to biblical truth that has propelled Tedashii to where he is today. And his fearlessness has not gotten lost or dwindled.

Tedashii fans itching for new tunes need not worry. The Never Fold campaign will bring new music well into 2018. “This project is meant to inspire people to persevere in light of who God is,” Tedashii offers. Never Fold gives us the Tedashii we know and love at his most transparent and self-aware. He’s a man who’s been tested time and time and again. And while he may have the battle scars to prove he’s been in the trenches, his infectious joy and strength remain intact. “I want to invite others to join me on this journey,” he says. “Not just to see what God has done, but what He’s doing now. Never Fold is a reminder to never back down.” Together, Tedashii says, we can all rise up and expose the beauty of our individual and collective victories. As Revelations tells us, those who put their hope in God are freed through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. “That’s what I’m on right now,” offers Tedashii. “We can push through any circumstance and give God the glory in the end.”

Never Fold is a construct upon which believers everywhere can build their lives. When it’s all said and done, all we can truly bank on is in what and whom we place our hope. Choosing to keep a steady hand through trials is the key to overcoming.