21 Questions with Rhett Walker on Podcasting, Music, and Life

Posted on Monday, August 16, 2021 by Lindsay Williams

21 Questions with Rhett Walker

@Rhett Walker is halfway through the second season of his popular “Front Porch Gospel” podcast on AccessMore, and he’s already covered politics, golf, marriage, and the Dove Awards. There’s no telling what he’ll talk about next. The man is an open book. But he’s not just an affable podcast host. Walker made a name for himself early on fronting the Rhett Walker Band. Now, he simply records solo under his name building on the gritty vocals, Southern rock, and signature lyrics that won him a loyal following in the beginning. Hailing from South Carolina, the “Gospel Song” singer is a little bit country and a lot down-to-earth.

The father of four humored us with a round of KLOVE.com’s “21 Questions” chatting about his excitement over new music, what it’s like to step into the iconic Opry circle, and what song makes him want to punch his car stereo every time he starts his truck.

KLOVE.com: Three elements that make a great “Gospel Song”?

Rhett Walker: It points to Jesus, reminds you of the joy only He can give, and changes the atmosphere around you.

KLOVE.com: Best thing about being a dad? 

Rhett Walker: That’s a hard one. So many things that make it great. Watching them grow into their own and seeing their personalities come to life is one of my favorites. Each one of my kids are their own person, but it’s easy to see a little bit of me and/or their momma in each one of their personalities.

KLOVE.com: Favorite podcast episode you’ve recorded to date? 

Rhett Walker: It would have to be the one I did with my wife, April, and the four kiddos [“Your Spirit Animal Is What?”]. Rileigh and Jett are taking it serious. Autumn is wanting to talk about any and everything, and Cash is running around saying, “I have to potty! I have to potty!” and then you hear the toilet flush.

KLOVE.com: First concert you ever attended? 

Rhett Walker: First one I remember going to was Clay Crosse, Avalon, and Sunday Drive. 

KLOVE.com: New artist you can’t stop listening to? 

Rhett Walker: We The Kingdom. They’ve got their own lane, and any time someone paves their own way and sings their soul, I’m a fan.

KLOVE.com: Band you wish would make a comeback? 

Rhett Walker: dcTalk

KLOVE.com: One thing you know now that you wish you had known when you first started in the music business?

Rhett Walker: You don’t have to be all things for all people. You just have to steward what God has given you. You can’t make everyone happy, and that’s not in the job description anyway. Trust Jesus, chase after Him, and sing your tail off.

KLOVE.com: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Rhett Walker: Show up fully. Whatever you sign up for and whatever you give your word to, follow through—and follow through, fully.

KLOVE.com: What you’d be doing if you weren’t a professional singer and songwriter? 

Rhett Walker: I would probably do something outdoors. I love landscaping. Unless frog gigging is a full-time job.

KLOVE.com: Artist you’d most love to hear sing one of your songs? 

Rhett Walker: dcTalk. It would be killer to hear their take on one of mine.

KLOVE.com: Best thing about performing at the Grand Ole Opry? 

Rhett Walker: Thinking about all of the artists who have stood in that circle before me is unreal. I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever get over. Every time they call, I clear my schedule.

KLOVE.com: One thing fans would be surprised to learn about you? 

Rhett Walker: That I didn’t start singing till I was 18. I always played drums. My sister and dad sang. It was my wife who told me I had a good voice.

KLOVE.com: Favorite song you’ve ever written? 

Rhett Walker: It’s an unreleased song that will be coming out soon called “All Joy No Stress.” I had this chorus for awhile with a line that I’ve always wanted to put in a song, but I could never find the right spot. One day I was writing with Matthew West and Jeff Pardo and brought up this chorus while we were writing another song. So we ended up writing two songs simultaneously.

KLOVE.com: Reason you wanted to start a podcast? 

Rhett Walker: It was 2020, I was home, and I missed talking with people at shows, so I figured I would just start a podcast about stuff on my mind, and people listened. So I’m gonna keep on doing it until people say, “OK, shut up.”

KLOVE.com: Favorite memory from filming the “Gospel Song” music video with your family? 

Rhett Walker: That whole day was a blast, but being able to do what I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid with my wife and kids was the icing on the cake. Also, grabbing Bojangles afterwards and sitting around the kitchen table, and all of us talking about our favorite parts and how we couldn’t wait to see it was the best.

WATCH NOW: Rhett Walker "Gospel Song" Official Music Video

KLOVE.com: Last song you listened to?

Rhett Walker: “Accidentally In Love” by Counting Crows, specifically from the Shrek 2 soundtrack. Because every time I start my truck, the bluetooth plays it! Have you ever heard the first .05 seconds of a song and immediately wanted to fight your stereo?

KLOVE.com: All-time favorite fan moment? 

Rhett Walker: I’ve had people get tattoos of my lyrics. That’s crazy cool to me. It’s a reminder of how you can write a song about lessons learned or life lived and then watch God take it and use it in someone else’s life. It’s beautiful.

KLOVE.com: Best childhood memory? 

Rhett Walker: I won a trip to ride on NewSong’s bus to “Winter Jam” from my local Christian bookstore. I was only supposed to ride the bus from the radio station and then pick out front-row seats. Instead, I found a backstage pass, saved my seats, went up the stairs and found my family waiting in line, and then used my pass to get them in and then went to catering and ate dinner by myself.

KLOVE.com: First place you ever performed a song you wrote? 

Rhett Walker: It was at my church in South Carolina.

KLOVE.com: One item you own that has sentimental value? 

Rhett Walker: One thing would be my ball cap that has “Nashville” on it. April and I were on a date in downtown Nashville right after we moved there, and I bought it from a little tourist shop. I ended up wearing it on all my first tours and wore it till it basically disintegrated. I still have it. It’s unwearable, but it’s something I’ll never get rid of.

KLOVE.com: Three words you would use to describe the new music you’re working on?

Rhett Walker: Joyful, upbeat and EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED TO PUT OUT! I know that’s more than three words, but I’m more excited about this new music than probably anything I’ve ever put out.

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