Buzzworthy: What People Are Saying About Stephen McWhirter’s ‘Come Jesus Come’

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

K-LOVE Listeners Connecting with Come Jesus Come

Stephen McWhirter’s “Come Jesus Come” has quickly become an anthem for so many. The former meth addict sings the heartfelt prayer with a rare vulnerability that’s incredibly sincere and pure. While the lyrics are ultimately inspired by a passage in Revelation, “Come Jesus Come” embodies the collective cry of listeners around the world, aching for the Lord’s return.

“I wasn’t trying to write a hit song. I wanted to join in with what the Spirit of God is longing for: ‘The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come’ — Revelation 22:17,” McWhirter says. “I am convinced God is giving this song favor right now because He wants a revival in the Church of longing for Jesus to return.”

Not only has the emotive track touched fans of McWhirter’s music in unspeakable ways, but it’s also soundtracked some of life’s hardest moments, especially resonating with those experiencing loss, grief and loneliness.

The new song from Stephen McWhirter is drilling me right in my soul this week,” K-LOVE DJ Carlos recently shared. “It’s been a heavy week filled with things beyond my comprehension. So this song has become more like a prayer for me. Come, Jesus come. Heal every hurt. Right every wrong.”

Carlos isn’t the only one who’s been moved by McWhirter’s haunting melody. Since the song initially went viral, McWhirter has received thousands of comments across his social platforms and has heard hundreds more in person as he leads the song around the country. The countless stories that continue to pour in are truly a testament to hearing the right song at just the right time. Here’s what others are saying about “Come Jesus Come.”

“This is so much more than a song. It’s a heart cry! We will be hearing this song 20 years from now if Jesus has not yet returned then!”

“I chose this song to play as people left my son’s memorial service. This song says it all for me.”

“I absolutely love this song. Praying all of us are ready for His return.”

“I retired four years ago to help care for my daddy with dementia. [This song] lifts us up. You are a messenger from God.”

“Beautiful song and love hearing it. The world needs to hear this every day. Thank you for sharing it.”

“First time I heard this song I was driving and had to pull over and cry. It really moved me. I just got back into church 1 1/2 years ago, and this song took me to a place I’ve never been with God! Thank you, Stephen McWhirter.”

“One of the most beautiful Christian songs ever written, and sung with such emotion. Praise the Lord for songs like this that uplift the soul.”

“I played this song at my daughter’s memorial — 29 years old, No. 1 song in my book… So spiritually filled.”

“What a powerful and masterful longing for Jesus! This song touches me every time I hear it.”

“I’ve just made it through the third Christmas without my husband, who died from a hard-fought battle with congestive heart failure and other health problems… He was truly a man after God’s own heart, telling anyone who would listen that he knew where he was going; he wasn’t afraid, and he was ready. Knowing that has made it bearable, but by no means easy… My heart still aches to the point where there are times I find I can hardly breathe. I receive a daily email from K-LOVE, and today it included this song. It hit my heart hard, yet provided a soothing balm. Thank you.”

“This song is so palpable. I completely surrendered to Christ last night. I will honor and serve Him the remainder of my life.”

“My niece (by marriage) and I (same age) have been besties for 26 years. She recently lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. The end was unspeakable suffering — so bad we prayed He would take her, and we would whisper to her to let go. The last night, we played this song in her ear around midnight. Jesus came… He took her home at 5:10 a.m. This song is so deep and beautiful. I am glad it was her last earthly song.”

“Absolutely love this song. We just lost my dad a few months ago, and this really touches my heart. Makes me cry every time.”

“Wow! Chills. What an amazing voice and song. May God continue to use you to bless others and bring glory to His name.”

“Dealing with a horrible diagnosis. Your music helps me through each day! Thank you.”

“My husband recently passed away from esophageal cancer. This song is what I pray every night.”

“Can’t even begin to describe what this song means to me and the yearning in my soul to have Jesus come. Thank you for this most anointed and beautiful song.”

“My husband has cancer. Tonight we are listening to this song, waiting on the Lord.”

“Literally brought me to tears… I’m a police officer with 25 years of service, and man, do we need Him right now!”

“Today I gave my life to Jesus while listening to this song.”

“I lost my baby sister, then my husband, within weeks of each other last year. This song speaks to my soul.”

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