LOCAL Closer Look: Bancroft - New Jersey and Philadelphia

Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2022 by Peter Kaye

Peter Kaye speaks with Dr. Karen Lindgren of Bancroft about autism and the various services they provide the individuals and families they serve. Dr. Lindgren explains how an autistic person may react to a situation in a way that may seem strange or even scary to an onlooker and offers evidence based tools to help parents and caregivers teach their loved one to communicate their feeing in a more acceptable and constructive way.  She also speaks to the advances in technology like smart stoves and smart locks that aid an individual with autism to be more independent.

Original airdate: 6/5/2022 WLRB WKVP WYPA

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Peter Kaye has been with Educational Media Foundation since 2013 covering U.S. northeastern states including major markets like NYC and Philadelphia.

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