8 Prayers for Waiting On God from Psalm 62

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2022 by K-LOVE Pastors

8 Prayers for waiting On God from Psalm 62

Waiting is hard. We all, at some point, face a decision that involves the process of waiting. While it is not always easy, when we are waiting on direction from God, it is always worth it. Waiting for the Lord to speak helps us grow in faith and shows us that God is in charge. Scripture encourages us to step away from our efforts and release control of a decision to the Lord. So here are eight prayers from Psalm 62 to help you wait on the Lord.


1. I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. - Psalm 62:1 NLT

Heavenly Father, thank You for providing for my victory in this situation. I will quiet my mind and anxious heart in response to Your words. I choose to listen to Your direction and Your guidance in this matter. I trust Your promises. Help me to be calm and rest in the fact that You will help me. You will give me victory in this circumstance, in Jesus' name.


2. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken. - Psalm 62:2 NLT 

Lord, I pray that as I release this decision to You, I will find stability and safety in Your Word. Help me trust in the wisdom You provide and the strength of Your presence now. Help me to resist confusion and fear as I wait on You, Lord. You are the most reliable and trustworthy source of help. Thank You for the security of knowing You are working behind the scenes for me, in Jesus' name.


3. Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him. - Psalm 62:5 NLT 

Thank You, Lord, for this reminder to find hope in You. Help me to quiet any thoughts that challenge Your Word. I will stay in front of Your face and pursue Your presence in every way. Let every part of me rest in the peace and calm of Your company. Help me settle my words, thoughts, and actions on the hope I have in You, in Jesus' name.


4. My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. - Psalm 62:7 NLT 

Heavenly Father, help me to remember that my desired result will ultimately come from You. Help me rely more on Your protection and Word than anything I can do alone. You will bring me to a place of victory and honor. Thank You for teaching me to find refuge in You and not be afraid of what others can say or do. Help me trust You while I wait, in Jesus' name.


5. O my people trust in Him at all times. Pour out your heart to Him, for God is my refuge. - Psalm 62:8 NLT  

Father, I pray for a heart to trust You in every circumstance. I release my desires, my intentions, and the issues of my heart to You. You see the difficulty I am having right now. I will allow Your Word to guard me and provide the safety I need. I give You complete control. I choose to trust Your faithful presence to keep me safe. You are my refuge, Lord, in Jesus' name.


6. Common people are as worthless as a puff of wind, and the powerful are not what they appear to be. If you weigh them on the scales, together they are lighter than a breath of air. - Psalm 62:9 NLT  

Lord, keep me from becoming distracted by the actions of those that are not as powerful as they seem. I recognize that You are in control, and I do not have to fear. Father, help me to keep my attention on You and to respond to Your words more than anything. Help me to remain patient and trust Your timing in all things. Help me to make decisions based on what You say, in Jesus' name.


7. God has spoken plainly, and I have heard it many times: Power, O God belongs to You; - Psalm 62:11 NLT  

Heavenly Father, I will listen when You speak to me. Help me find direction and peace in what You have said. You hold the strength I need to get through this process. Help me to have confidence in Your power and to know that it is worth waiting on You to move. Help me to be patient in this and to trust You, in Jesus' name.


8. Unfailing love, O Lord is Yours. Surely You repay all people according to what they have done. - Psalm 62:12 NLT

Lord, I thank You for Your unfailing love. Your love is perfect, and You see all that is going on in my life. I need Your love to comfort, guide, and help me through this decision. Help me obey what You require of me and align my thoughts with Your words. You are just, and I know You will ensure things work out as they should. Thank You for Your love, in Jesus' name.

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