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How Your Gift Sets Up Pledge Drive for Success

A gift to the Pledge Drive Success Fund is supporting the Pledge Drive in more ways than one. These gifts are unique because they are used to challenge and encourage listeners to take part in supporting K-LOVE along with you throughout the year!

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Watch the video below to hear how this sounds on air during Pledge Drives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pledge Drive Success Fund?

The Pledge Drive Success Fund provides resources that help set our teams up for success during the Pledge Drives each year. Pledge Drive Success donors have the opportunity to go on mission with the ministry in a powerful way as they come alongside us with these special gifts.

How Does it Work?

The Pledge Drive Success Fund provides the funds for everything that is needed to make Pledge Drives successful. That can include challenges, prizes and incentives heard on air during Pledge Drive. These things help create excitement around giving and are another tool in the DJs’ toolbox as they are fundraising.

What is the Impact?

With Pledge Drive Success Funds that are used for on-air challenges, every dollar that is donated can attract another $8 on average. This means that an on-air challenge of $3,000 can potentially generate a return of $24,000 when listeners feel inspired to call and make their own pledge to support the ministry!

What is the Pledge Drive Success Community?

The Pledge Drive Success Community is a stewardship journey for this special group of donors. Donors in the community can expect to receive more personalized communications, invites to donor appreciation events, access to special content and impact reporting so they can see the difference their generosity is making.

How Can I Help?

Join the community of donors who support the Pledge Drive Success Fund each year by making your gift of $500 or more today! Your generous support will be multiplied during the next Pledge Drive!

When Can I Give?

Your gift to the Pledge Drive Success Fund can be received online or by check at any time during the year. If you prefer to mail in your gift, please make sure you indicate “PDS” on the check and send it to our gift processing team here:
Gift Services
P.O. Box: 2098
Omaha, NE 68103-2098
To make your gift by phone, just call 877-668-4211 and tell them you’d like your gift to go towards the Pledge Drive Success Fund.

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Thank you so much for your desire to go on mission with us as we move people closer to Jesus!