Posted on Monday, May 11, 2020 by Randi

I Don

Oh boy I was mad and Oh boy I didn’t want to! But, I did.

Let's face it, being kind to someone who isn’t kind to you is not an easy task. But pushing past your emotions and following what God puts on your heart instead truly does bring the deepest kind of change.

My “I don’t want to love you” moment turned into a season! I had started a new job and had a co-worker who, let’s just say, made it very clear they didn’t want me around. It was tough trying to go through the day to day. Whatever I said or did was met with basically, no reply at all. Oh boy was I mad, mostly, because I didn’t know why and when it came to being kind anyway…I was, but oh boy I didn’t want to.

After a few months, we had been assigned a project that left us no choice but to work very closely together and I knew, deep down there was more to this situation than meets the eye so I just kept trying. I stopped worrying about what it meant to me and focused on what it might mean to them to have someone in their corner.

Maybe that was the problem, maybe they never really felt like there was. I complimented and encouraged this person to do some stuff they thought they could never do and eventually I guess God started to help us break down the walls. Slowly but surely, things started to change. Me talking actually became a two-way conversation! Once, though, we shared one good old-fashioned belly laugh and the rest is history. This person is now a dear friend who I am so glad to know. It just took a little extra effort and a little extra encouragement.

So, the next time you think I don’t want to love you, maybe, in that moment, you don’t. But God does. Go with God :)

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