Posted on Monday, May 11, 2020 by Randi

Return the Favor!

Was it the guy or girl at the drive-thru that greeted you with a smile and actually got your entire order correct? Was it the barista who swirled up the perfect cup of pumpkin spice coffee this morning? Or the kid who very carefully bagged your goodies at the grocery store? Who helped you today?

And no, I don’t mean by just simply doing their job but those who really do their job well because it matters to them and they know it matters to you. It’s easy to see the difference and even better when they make you feel the difference. So, if there was a person serving you today, in any way, and they did so happily and with heart and kindness, why not return the favor?

Instead of just picking up your order in the drive through window, why not drop something off for that person who goes out of their way to make sure you come first. You get a coffee, you give a coffee or tell the grocery store bagger what a great job they do and that what they do is important. Letting people that do a good job, know they do a good job, can be an absolute game changer for them and for you!

The kid getting the carts in the Target parking lot, the greeters at the front of the store or the cleaners in your office building, find three people most will overlook today and see them.  And then tell them you see them. It’s a wonderful way to click that switch and shine a little more light in the world.

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