Album Spotlight: Jeremy Camp, 'Deeper Waters'

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

Album Spotlight: "Deeper Waters" Jeremy Camp

It’s been nearly three years since Jeremy Camp’s last album — the longest span of time between projects in the singer/songwriter’s 22-year tenure. But “Deeper Waters” is worth the wait.

Birthed through painful circumstances that allowed him to encounter greater depths of God’s goodness, these brand new songs — all co-penned by Camp — might just be some of the most personal of his career yet. That’s saying a lot considering his professional life has largely been defined by his personal story of loss. Yet, the “I Still Believe” singer is proof heartache is never one and done — rather, it’s an acute, ongoing part of the universal human experience.

The 13 tracks on “Deeper Waters” showcase a wide sonic palette with nods to nearly every era of his music to date. Hopeful lead single “These Days” and anchor offering “Closer To You” — the first song Camp wrote for the album — carry the banner of his signature pop. Meaningful, emotive ballads take shape in the form of the repentant “Again” and crown jewel “Better.” Meanwhile, “A Million Names” and closing benediction “Need To Be Near” align with his former worship faire. 

Then there’s “No Survivors” — a selection that returns Camp to his rock roots, a look we haven’t seen from the hitmaker in years. So much so, that people often forget Camp initially came onto the scene as a hard-edged fringe rocker. “No Survivors,” however, will give longtime fans flashbacks to 2002’s “Stay.” The full-throttle “No Survivors” borrows serious “Take My Life” vibes — complete with a scream-sing moment fans won’t see coming.

Sonically, Camp experiments with colors he’s never introduced into his artistic expression before. While “No Survivors” might be the project’s biggest surprise, even the title-cut with its rhythmic, tribal tones finds the seasoned artist exploring new flavors and textures. On “Ready Now,” the husband and father of three delivers deftly crafted lines with a rare rapid-fire cadence. Elsewhere, “Possible” explodes with the expanse of his aggressive vocal set atop dark, haunting musical nuances.

Lyrically, his songwriting is as raw and candid as ever. The depth of honesty unraveled in songs of wrestling like “Better” — one of the album’s best moments — can only surface from decades of honing your craft like Camp has done over the course of a professional trajectory that has seen him release one solid project after another. On the first verse of “Better” Camp confesses, “I’ve screamed into the silence and all I heard was doubt. I’ve prayed to see the sunshine, but the rain kept coming down. I’ve wrestled with the concept that Your plans are always good. ‘Cause half the time it doesn’t go the way I think it should, but You know things I never could.”

To help him pen gut-level lyrics, Camp once again teamed up with ace music makers and frequent collaborators Jordan Sapp, who produced the project; and Emily Weisband, who’s delicate background vocals float effortlessly throughout the record, adding a pleasant feminine contrast to Camp’s naturally commanding vocal. One other female appears on the final track, a second version of “These Days” with former We The Kingdom frontwoman Franni Rae Cash Cain.

From its musical twists and turns to its lyrical vulnerability, “Deeper Waters” is a deep dive into all the components that make up Jeremy Camp’s well of creativity. The album is also full of subtle artistic risks that only a well-established act is generally willing to take; and on “Deeper Waters,” Camp makes the jump and sticks the landing. Hopefully, he’ll continue to have the courage required to dig deep, take chances and write from this beautiful place of intense transparency. Christian music needs more of his distinct combination of bold bravery and unvarnished authenticity.

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