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Group 1 Crew’s urban and hip-hop sound has touched a world in desperate need of help. Focused on breaking through the stereotypes of hip-hop music, the passionate Latinos that make up Group 1 Crew hope to bring an urban audience closer to God with their latest song “He Said.”

Blessed with the gift of being able to entertain an audience, Manwell abused his talents before realized God’s greater plan for his life. As a teenager, he spent many days walking astray before he decided to give Christ a try. “I put the mic down as soon as I got saved, and for a year I just studied my Word and got into the Bible,” he explains.

Blanca grew up dreaming to be the next Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey before she realized God’s plan for her life. She got caught up in the American dream of being rich and famous, and became frustrated at her lack of success. “I wasn’t getting what I wanted,” she states. “Once I got saved, it was a big difference because God just showed me that he had a plan from the beginning. Everything just came together as soon as I started singing for Him.”

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