Tauren Wells Makes an Aggressive Play to Take Back What the Enemy Stole

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

New Song Feature: "Take It All Back" Tauren Wells

Tauren Wells has a message for the devil: Fear and shame won’t rob him of contentment and peace any more. Take one listen to his new single, and you’ll quickly realize, it’s an eviction notice. Also, you don’t want to mess with this hitmaker. He’s making an aggressive play to reclaim what the enemy stole on the blazing “Take It All Back.” Raising a battle cry against a tight wall of crunchy electric guitars and heart-pounding drums, Wells leads a scorching collaboration that includes multigenerational group We The Kingdom — featuring recognizable vocals from the band’s beloved and recently departed frontwoman Franni Rae Cash Cain — and hip-hop artist Davies, who’s supported Wells on background vocals for years.

Plotting a full-scale attack on Satan, together the three artists wage war with no intent of leaving the field empty-handed. Reminiscent of We The Kingdom fan favorite “Don’t Tread On Me,” “Take It All Back” captures an army of believers rising from the ashes more confident than ever before of their God-given destinies and the unrivaled power found in the name of Jesus.

“I got to work with some of my favorite people and artists,” Wells shares of the song. “My hope is to empower you with the faith it takes to go get what God has promised you back! It’s time to call the angels down to receive your joy, family and dreams.”

The assertive anthem opens Wells’ ambitious 19-track “Joy in the Morning (Horizon Edition)” and also serves as the title-cut of his collaboration-heavy “Take It All Back” EP. The father of four debuted the track last October at the 54th Annual GMA Dove Awards, which he hosted for the first time.

In addition to his continued musical pursuits, Wells and his wife, Lorna, launched a new church, Church of Whitestone, in Austin, Texas, at the end of January.

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