We The Kingdom Cements Headliner Status With Self-Titled Sophomore Album

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2022 by Lindsay Williams

Album Spotlight: "We The Kingdom," We The Kingdom

When We The Kingdom entered the Christian music scene in 2020, their sound, their story and their songs were immediately distinct, standing out from a pack of new artists and veterans alike with their entertaining live performances and wild smash, “Holy Water.” Easy hits in “God So Loved” and “Child of Love” followed, making the multigenerational family band one of the fastest rising acts to launch during the pandemic. Deep cuts like “Dancing On The Waves,” the first song the five-piece ever wrote together, and live standout “Don’t Tread On Me,” also made "Holy Water" — their first LP — a critically-acclaimed debut.

Two years later, We The Kingdom returns with their self-titled sophomore effort, a collection written and recorded on the bus, in green rooms across the country and at their home studio in Nashville that further establishes the family band as the future of Christian music. The group heralded the arrival of their highly anticipated follow-up in Times Square following a performance on “FOX & Friends.” Just like their initial release, their second record reflects the unique makeup of the group itself. Ranging in age from early 20s to early 50s, We The Kingdom’s Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Rae Cash Cain, Martin Cash and Andrew Bergthold blend their respective eras of sonic influence to achieve a sound that’s all at once diverse and cohesive.

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This time around, however, they kick the energy up a notch. While "Holy Water" had its share of upbeat tracks, meaningful ballads and mid-tempo selections, "We The Kingdom" is filled to the brim with well-honed multigenerational, retro-tinged rock that fits the collective as seamlessly as if they had all been born in the same decade.

Aside from their uncanny ability to steward a rainbow of musical styles from an array of eras, We The Kingdom’s success lies in the blood they share as much as their versatility. (All of the members are related with the exception of close friend Bergthold.) Moreover, it’s clear their passion for the life-changing message of the Gospel is aligned from track one through track 13.

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From frenetic album opener “Left It In The Water” to aggressive experiment “Deep End” to amped-up ’90s rocker “Life Is Good,” it’s obvious We The Kingdom created this batch of songs with an end game in mind: their buzz-worthy live show. Primed for a non-stop concert experience, their eclectic influences abound on the Fleetwood Mac-inspired “Mine,” the Gospel-laced “God Is on the Throne” and the Apostles’ Creed-affirming “Miracle Power.” The set closes with “Family,” a personal stripped-down selection steeped in the signature storytelling of country music.

With lyrical nods to the recent loss of the beloved family patriarch —father to Ed and Scott and grandfather to Franni and Martin — and the transforming power of Jesus, the album is finely-crafted down to the last line of vulnerability and expertly-produced thanks to Ed’s decades-worth of experience producing for other artists.

While lead vocals are skillfully shared, We The Kingdom’s harmonies shine on their latest release — full and textured, layered and nuanced. And, as always, when Franni’s effortless range is on full display, she continues to be every bit the star. Yet, she isn’t labeled the front woman of the band, and that’s intentional. We The Kingdom has never been about a single person or the specific names on the bill. It’s always been about family — the Cash family legacy and the family of God.

"We The Kingdom" accurately captures this sentiment and encapsulates everything that makes this still relatively new group exceptional. The album forms a natural bridge between introductory act and full-blown headliner. And the band will prove they’re up to the task as they helm an extensive tour, with special guest Cory Asbury, throughout the fall.

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