Josh Baldwin Insists We Were ‘Made For More’

Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

New Song Feature: "Made for More" Josh Baldwin feat. Jenn Johnson

Helping us find our identity solely in Christ, Josh Baldwin serves up “Made For More.” The mid-tempo worship offering also features his good friend, Jenn Johnson, on background vocals. Originally penned at a songwriters’ camp more than a year ago, the track affirms we were all made on purpose for a purpose; and Baldwin drives that truth home with the steady strumming of his acoustic and the comforting timbre of his voice. “I know who I am because I know who You are,” he asserts in the first verse.

“This song just speaks about our identity in Christ and who we are called to be… Knowing who we are starts with just knowing what the Lord did for us,” Baldwin shares. “As you listen to this song, I pray that the Lord will begin to reveal who you are in Him. I pray that you will be reminded that the Creator of the universe has called you by name; and He’s brought us from death to life. We’ve been created for so much more than we could even imagine.”

Although congregations far and wide are already singing along, Baldwin’s latest single can also just as easily be sung in solitude during an intimate moment of prayer and reflection. A song ultimately ready-made for Sunday morning worship, the aspirational “Made For More” is resonating with listeners — both at church and in the car. “Josh, this song is going to heal a lot of downtrodden hearts and break a lot of limiting beliefs,” offers one fan on Instagram. “I remember hearing you sing this at the ‘Acoustic Nights Tour’ with Pat Barrett, and it lifted my soul on the first line. Thank you for stewarding this revelation and crafting such a powerful anthem to send our souls singing!”

Inspired by Isaiah 43, “Made For More” is the lead single and the title-cut from Baldwin’s brand new live project, which takes the father of two back to his worship leading roots.

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