LOCAL MORC Inc. Cares For Persons With Disabilities Mount Clemens, MI

Posted on Monday, February 8, 2021 by Sarah Shaver

Sarah Shaver talks with MORC Inc. CEO Dennis Bott about moving from institutionalization to a more person-centered approach to working with persons with intellectual disabilities. He explains The Culture of Gentleness and letting people express themselves without the introduction of chemicals (drugs) or physical barriers. Bott also discusses employment for MORC clients with cognitive disabilities and trumpets their pioneering work in this area.  MORC also supports families who have a client living with them which is different from decades past.  He also talks about their ABA therapy for families with children on the autism spectrum.  MORC has a citizens advisory group and this is how they began their peer mentoring program.  MORC also has services for Medicaid-eligible seniors.  morcinc.org  866-593-7412.

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Original airdate: 12/20/2020

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