'Bible Quarantine' - Nick Hall's Web Video Series Looks At Faith In These Weird Times

Tuesday, March 17 2020 by Richard Hunt/KAIROS

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“If I’m honest, this started as a goofy idea. I posted an image of a show idea called ‘The Bible Quarantine’ with the caption ‘Because man shall not live on Netflix alone.’ I was half joking, but it got a very strong response because people are looking for hope and encouragement during this time of uncertainty,” says Nick Hall, founder of the millennial-led evangelism movement PULSE and visionary behind the 2020 national Year of the Bible campaign. 

Hall is launching a new daily Facebook and Instagram TV series to help people stay spiritually healthy during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

“I think God’s Word is going to speak to us during this time—and I believe this can be a life-defining season if we invite God in,” Hall said.

“The Bible Quarantine” explores subjects that are currently dominating the national discussion in America, such as the meaning of church when people physically cannot meet together for worship and how to deal with fear in the face of the uncertain. Each episode is 7-8 minutes long and is posted at 9 p.m. ET. The series’ first episode, “Closed on Sunday,” received an initial 11,400 views across platforms.

“We have a choice,” Hall said. “We can sit in fear or we can use this forced Sabbath as a time to slow down and come back to what matters.”

Hall says the episodes are designed “to encourage you, make you laugh, and challenge you to make the most of this pause in our busy lives.”

The Bible Quarantine is one of many resources PULSE has made available so people can pursue spiritual health and development as they practice social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. 

PULSE also released the mobile app Move Closer, a digital discipleship platform designed to bring people together for the sake of the gospel. The app combines community, teaching, and a simple interface to empower everyday people to disciple everyday people. The app features devotional content, Scripture study plans and videos to engage users in uplifting discussions on a variety of topics.

In addition to these resources, Year of the Bible has resources available so people can begin their own year of engaging with Scripture. Among these resources are Together in Scripture, a 12-month plan to dive into the story of the Bible with a global community; The Bible Recap, a daily podcast hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble; and The Bible Project, which features short animated videos on each book of the Bible and biblical themes and concepts.

The Bible Quarantine is available on Instagram and Facebook. The next episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


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