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Potential Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Air Travel

Less than five years ago, a government shutdown forced TSA officers to work without knowing when they’d see their next paycheck.

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Source: atlantanewsfirst.com

People and cars line a narrow road outside a private property in Pomfret, Vt., that has become a destination for fall foliage viewers, clogging the rural road.


'Some Visitors Have Gone Too Far' - Northeast Town Efforts To Block Autumn Leaf-Loving Tourists

Local residents "have come home and people have been on their porches having lunch!”

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The FBI seal is pictured in Omaha, Neb., Aug. 10, 2022.

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US Government Surveillance Could Face New Limits In The Future

The FBI and other government agencies should be required to get court approval before reviewing the communications of U.S. citizens collected through a secretive foreign surveillance program, a sharply divided privacy oversight board recommended on Thursday.

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You May Be The Only Christian Who Can Reach Your “Tribe”

"You can break spiritual ground in places where some believers can’t go."

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Source: mnnonline.org

At least nine players in the field of about 200 are over 70. The oldest is 78-year-old Masood Mazhar of Pakistan


The Centuries-Old Card Game Of Bridge Offers A Sharp Contrast At The Asian Games

At least nine players in the field of about 200 are over 70. The oldest is 78-year-old Masood Mazhar of Pakistan

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Witnesses are sworn in before the House Oversight Committee impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

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Presidential Impeachment Inquiry Launches, Key Witness Says 'Not Enough Evidence For Charges'

One former business partner of Hunter Biden has told House investigators the son was selling the “illusion of access” to his father.

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 Fast food workers and union activists demonstrate outside the California State Capitol

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Gavin Newsom Signs Law Raising California Minimum Wage For Fast Food Workers To $20 Per Hour

When it takes effect on April 1, fast food workers in California will have among the highest minimum wages in the country, according to data compiled by the University of California-Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education. The state's minimum wage for all other workers — $15.50 per hour — is already among the highest in the United States.

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Shortage Of Student Pastors Is Real And Shows No Signs Of Going Away

Most teenagers experienced a learning deficit during the COVID lockdown and many educators believe they will never overcome that deficit. Similarly, could teenagers experience a spiritual deficit when their churches go for many months with no student pastor?

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Source: baptistpress.com

Culex mosquitoes collected in Weld and Boulder counties have tested positive for West Nile virus, the mosquito-borne bug that can cause fever and headaches. In some cases, it can lead to encephalitis, a brain infection.

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Colorado No. 1 In US For West Nile Virus Cases

Since around the 4th of July when Colorado’s first cases of WNV started showing up, 21 Coloradans have died from WNV. That’s compared to 20 last year and 11 in 2021.

Photo Credit: Weld County Health Department

Source: gazette.com

This composite image shows the progression of a partial solar eclipse over Ross Lake, in Northern Cascades National Park, Washington on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017.

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The 'Ring Of Fire' Annular Solar Eclipse On Oct. 14

Everything you need to know to capture images of the visible from North America.

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Source: space.com