Christian "Water Mission" Engineers Expand Clean Water Help For Ukrainian Refugees In Poland, Romania

Friday, March 11 2022 by Richard D. Hunt

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Ukrainian refugee with her dog
AP/Andreea Alexandru
Ukrainian refugee with her dog

Our friends at US-based Water Mission have provided an update on their emergency outreach to Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia's unprecedented attack.

"Our teams are expanding our assistance work at Ukrainian borders in Poland and Romania assisting refugees." 

The video below shows the "first wave shipment sending four of our LWTS (living) water treatment systems capable of providing daily water needs for 20,000 people. We are also sending 24,000 water purification packets and other WASH and safe water supplies in this same shipment. This is heading to a warehouse in Warsaw, Poland. 

Water Mission encourages your prayers as they prep and ship and install these life-saving devices.

"Additionally, we are also staging supplies in Romania for distribution to refugees in Romania and Moldova. In addition, we have a Partner Support Program where we are financially supporting partners on the ground such as churches that have turned their sanctuaries into shelters for warm meals and lodging." - Gregg Dinino, Dir. of Public Relations, Water Mission

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