Closer Look: Nearly 1,000 People Baptized In Ocean, Tampa Bay (+podcast)

Friday, May 3 2024 by Monika Kelly, Marya Morgan

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Grace Family Church staff baptize people in the waters of Tampa Bay
Grace Family Church - Instagram Reel
Grace Family Church staff baptize believers in the waters of Tampa Bay

(K-LOVE Closer Look) -- “God is still God,” declares Pastor Daryl Black of Grace Family Church in Tampa, Florida. Two weeks after 30-thousand people flooded their Easter service at Buc’s stadium, they counted at least  947 men, women and children who walked into the ocean at Fort De Soto Beach to be baptized. "I baptized so many people that my back was hurtin' when I was done," he laughs. Passersby also responded to the message of salvation in Jesus. “This is crazy,” he says, people in the water, “they were floating by, going ‘what’s happening here? Can we get baptized too?’”

3 people standing in water at Tampa Bay baptism wearing shirts that say Made New
[Photo Credit: Grace Family Church - Instagram Reel]






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